Happy Fiscal New Year!

PFFT!  With the government shutdown, this isn’t something I’m thrilled about.


Yeah, that’s not a party hat…

I’ve been seeing a number of posts about resolutions and new years.  Erin, from Red Debted Stepchild, posted on My Diary Entry about Autumn being like January 1st.  Girl Meets Debt posted about there being 99 Days Left in 2013 to achieve your goals.  That was seven days ago so there’s now 92 days of 2013 left!

I haven’t been doing a very good job completing my monthly goals.  I don’t think I completed any of my September Goals.  Maybe one of them, for part of the month.  Oops!  It didn’t help that I was gone visiting a friend for about 10 days this month and most evenings they ended up ordering take out.

Let’s see how I’ve been doing with my resolutions

Resolutions Revisited

Basically, I suck at sticking to my goals.  But there’s still 92 days left in the year!  I have hope!

Improving time management (lose procrastination) is one key resolution.  I need to develop some sort of routine, where I spend less time on the computer and more time working to pay off my debts, volunteering, creating art, exercising regularly, develop a cleaning schedule (once we move) and even have a sleeping schedule with a bedtime routine.  With a routine in place, I will be more productive, get regular exercise, meal plan, cook more and overall eat and be healthier.  Hopefully by volunteering, working, and taking zumba classes, I will meet some people in this area and make friends so I can get out and do some fun things in 2013.

I have volunteered, tried out zumba (volunteer interferes with zumba), meal planned a couple times, ate slightly healthier, cooked just a wee bit more, and have developed somewhat of a sleep schedule.  I still procrastinate quite a bit.  I don’t have a routine, I spend all day on the computer, I don’t exercise regularly or create art, no cleaning schedule (been moved for 6 months), and I still don’t have friends in the area, though I did recently join local area Facebook groups to hopefully remedy that situation before the real new year!

Finding passion in art is another key resolution.  I need to somehow separate the anxiety/indebtedness that I have come to associate it with.  I need to learn to lose the anxiety altogether.  I mentioned anxiety about dealing with my resolutions.  Change is difficult and difficult things cause me anxiety.  It shall be overcome!

Not there yet.  The desire to create things has returned, I just haven’t pushed myself to actually create anything.  It’d be nice to one day try selling the things I create to earn extra income…that gives me a bit of motivation but I’m still a procrastinator.  It’s nearing Christmastime and I want to make gifts for my nieces! I’ll find that passion again, I promise!

Some other things I want to do in 2013:

  • Go to the shooting range with husband
  • Visit my family
  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Run a mile easily
  • Use my Waterpik habitually
  • Develop a skin care regimen
  • Read more
  • Update portfolio/demo reel and design new website
  • Kip training (click the link to see what a kip is)
  • Sit up straight, improve posture

I’m getting there!  I think all of these, aside from updating my portfolio/demo reel and designing a new website, are doable within the years’ end!

Readers, have you been noticing any posts in all bold text?  Despite re-editing posts to ensure no posts are all bold, they keep showing up that way from my home page.  If I click on individual posts, the boldness goes away.  Anyone else notice this?  Thanks for your input!

How are you doing with your goals and resolutions?


7 thoughts on “Happy Fiscal New Year!

  1. I’m doing OK with some goals (saving) but not so good with others (knitting, excersizing more etc.). I have been trying to eat more healthy food and avoid takeout, I guess that’s a start, but not erally where I wanted to be at this point in the year. I guess I have 92 day to “fix” that 😉

  2. Kasey you have a great start to reaching your goals! You can do this! It’s a great idea to sell your artwork. I have a hobby business selling names, monogram art, signs, etc. It all started when I made a baby shower present. I used wooden letters and painted each one to represent a different zoo animal (to match the nursery theme). I heard so many compliments and had many people inquire about getting them. I don’t make a ton of money doing it, but it’s something I love. Etsy is also a great resource for selling your items. My goals this year were to grow my cleaning business so I didn’t need to work at Culvers anymore, save to buy a home in 2014, and continue earning my degree in business management. It took so much work, but I can feel it getting closer. Goal 1: done. I am giving my notice at Culvers next week. My business is almost growing faster than I can handle, and I am looking at hiring an employee in the spring! Goal 2: not so good. I had to take a few months off work due to a family emergency and that drained our savings. At least it was there when we needed it. Goal 3: a work in progress. I am only taking 9 credits at a time, so it’s taking me a while, but what matters is that I am still trying. Your posts have helped me be smart about student loans! I have some grants for school, and have only taken a student loan out one semester. Also, I am attending a technical school. Same education, a quarter of the price. Keep at your goals and you will soon be reaching them. Good luck!

    • Thanks for commenting Jenny! Glad you’re going through school without taking on too much student loan debt! Congrats on your business picking up and quitting Culvers! I’ve been considering starting a cleaning business some day because it’s tough to find housecleaning positions out here if you’re not bonded or insured. Have any tips?

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