29 Month Progress Update


Original Debt (December 14, 2012): $102,645

Current Debt (29 months later): $86,222 

My debt has decreased by an overall reduction of $16,423 in 29 months. I’m now at 15.99% of my debt payoff goal.


Federal Student Loans $60,606 $61,042 (An overall increase of $5,165 in 29 months)

Private Student Loans $26,028 $25,180 (An overall decrease of $15,911 in 29 months)

  • StudentLoan#2: $9,057  $8, 176 (an overall decrease of $4,196 in 29 months)
  • StudentLoan#3: $16,971 $17,005 (an overall decrease of $1,254 in 29 months)
  • StudentLoan#1: $0 
  • StudentLoan#4: $0

Been a while.  Been a crazy year so far.  I’ve had a lot of health issues.  Constant health issues.  I’m working on addressing those issues and getting healthy again, getting back on track with my debt pay off.  This year will definitely be a memorable one.  Lots of changes happening.  I also turn 30 in June and celebrate 20 years of being cancer free!  Can’t wait to celebrate!

One thought on “29 Month Progress Update

  1. Wow, you’re killing it! You’re really gaining momentum. You’ve paid off nearly $20k of student loan debt!

    Good job.

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