September Recap

SeptbudgetBased on my grading scale, I give our September budget an 84% or a B.

Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, and Netflix are the same every month.  Internet went up by $10!  I called to see if they could give me any loyalty discounts but I’m stuck at $47 until February.  Cox is also supposed to be introducing faster speed internet at the same price.  I’ll be calling again in February to try to lower my bill again!

Expected Expenses (Electric Bill, Cell Phones, Renter’s Insurance) – Under budget with electric.  The cell phone bill was mighty expensive this month (but I knew what it would be).  I have a feeling October’s cell phone bill will be higher too.  Hubby tends to play Rage of Bahamut on his cell phone whenever he has a free moment and we’re already at 3.9 GB of our 4 GB data plan that doesn’t reset until October 14th!  I’ve used less than .5 gigs myself and I just can’t understand why or how his game uses up so much of our data plan!

Gas – $118 out of the $100 budget.

Car Stuff –  Paid property tax on my old car.  Hubby paid $60 for a taxi instead of finding a ride home from work like he said he could when I took the car to help my friend.

Prescriptions – Last month, my normally $45 prescription only costed $7.  This month, $0!  Can’t explain that one.  I’m wondering if I reached some sort of cap that resets with the fiscal year?  Maybe my prescription migrated to the generic category?  We’ll find out the next time I get refills!

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – I budgeted $90 for medical bills but paid $63.  So much better than last month!

Groceries – With me being gone, we only spent $209 on groceries.

Dining Out – Spent $32, budgeted $25.

Energy Drinks – $100, on budget.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – Hubby only spent $75 of his $100 budget on games, and we didn’t spend money on anything else!

Pet Expenses – Spent $94 out of the budgeted $65.  $70 for a pet sitter while I visited my friend BUT she paid me for it!

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – I budgeted $25 for miscellaneous expenses, spent $20.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad month.

Did you over-spend at all in September?  How did you do overall on your budgeting?


These are basically the same as my September goals, which I failed at completely.

  • Meal plan every week!
  • Consume at least one serving of fruit each day.  Juicing and smoothies count!
  • Don’t waste any fresh produce!
  • Prepare snack-sized portions and (freezer) meals ahead of time.
  • Track my calories.
  • Limit myself to one piece of dark chocolate a day.
  • Limit myself to less than 1/2 cup of ice cream a day.
  • Start taking vitamins/supplements DAILY!
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day (wear sunblock!)
  • Meditate for 2 minutes a day.
  • Play a brain game at least once a day.  (Supposed to help with a  bad memory)
  • Get a job or start making income somehow!

10 thoughts on “September Recap

  1. You did pretty well staying on budget! Many congrats. In September and October they normally re-evaluate drugs and the tiers they belong to. Some get bumped or dropped to different tiers and you really don’t see the price difference until Oct or Dec, depending on your dispensing schedule. That’s a great reduction! But me being so OCD would have to call and confirm what’s going on. I’d hate to re-assign that $45 to something else, only to have the full balance due for the drug in a few months.

    • Thanks Tanner! My next refill isn’t for 3 months but I’ll expect it to be back to $45ish because that’s what the website is still saying it should be. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’ll still be $0! 😀

  2. Usually my family uses less cell phone data if we are using wifi…If we are not on wifi, the data plan just evaporates. Something to think about?

    • Yes, hubby knows this. After we got the 90% warning I told him not to play his game unless wifi was available. Unfortunately there’s no wifi on his ship, or in our car. We got to the point where there was only 72 MB left before we reached our data limit today so we had to upgrade to 6 GB, which is ridiculous. I hate his stupid game. I’ve used less than a half a gig myself…6 GB is outrageous and $10 more >_<

  3. Good job on your budget. I’m trying to slash my grocery bill this month. Can I ask why so much on energy drinks? That seems awfully high. There might be a good reason I missed. Anyway, don’t want to offend because everyone has their vices! 🙂

    • Energy drinks are all for my husband. It’s pretty much all he drinks. Since it’s his income we’re budgeting with, $100 is what we have settled on. If I had it my way, he could just drink the free water that our rent pays for.

  4. My husband loves energy drinks and I freakin’ hate them. They are such a waste of money but they take up about that much in our budget, too. Oh, well…

    • I hate them too! I’m not a fan of carbonated beverages and I think drinking lots of water is healthy. Plus we don’t have to pay for water at our apartment…FREE water! He has to be so dehydrated!

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