Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 RECAP

The Good

  • I paid off my credit card and one of my student loans.
  • I made a $7,722 decrease in student loan debt for 2014.
  • I over made $1,100 in side income (selling stuff, baby/pet sitting, house cleaning, and survey sites).
  • I bought a domain for my blog.
  • I visited my family in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan twice.
  • Through 23andme DNA testing, I found out I am over 27% Finnish.
  • I took a staycation and experienced a number of firsts (mani/pedi, hibachi, sushi, cards against humanity).
  • Participated in a Relay For Life with my best friend.
  • I was running regularly (couch to 5k) normally for a month.
  • I animated.

The Bad

  • I neglected my blog.
  • USPS messed up 3 times.
  • My best friend moved to South Korea
  • I learned what OPP stands for (you don’t want to know).
  • I stopped running when it got cold.
  • My sleep debt took a bigger toll on me than my actual debt.
  • Stress was through the roof!
  • I had lots of health issues: stomach pains (IBS), hiatal hernia, food poisoning, colds, many sinus infections, 3 infections at one time, nasal polyp, sinus deviation, sinus surgery, at least two corneal abrasions and two instances of having to wear an eye patch, eyelash/skin removal procedure, D&C surgical procedure, and I developed allergies.

Remember my 2014 Goals…Overkill post?  Below is what I actually accomplished from that massive list (100% passed, no almosts).

  • Play with my cats prior to meal time – It has seriously helped them not run around like crazy on top of me very early in the morning.
  • Add about $25 to our savings account after each pay day to grow our emergency fund to $1000 by the end of 2014.
  • Decide on a domain.
  • Create a daily skin care regimen.
  • Get rid of/sell things we no longer use.
  • Acquire a kitchen table and microwave stand/cart.

Financial Goals

  • Make $200 a month from side hustles (pet/baby sitting, house cleaning, surveys, Fiverr, etc).
  • Pay off StudentLoan#1 before I turn 30 in June.
  • Apply for co-signer release on my private student loans.
  • Get hubby on board with budgeting.
  • Look into some kind of retirement savings (because relying on death or the future NFL success of my best friend’s two year old child aren’t smart options).
  • Weigh the pros/cons of pet insurance.

Career Goals

  • Relearn the programs that are relevant to my Media Arts & Animation degree.
  • Create a minimum of four pieces of art to add to my portfolio.
  • Have a portfolio website up and running by October 2014.

Blog Goals

  • Have several blog posts written in advance, schedule them, and stop neglecting my blog!
  • Have guest posts on my blog and write guest posts.
  • Look into affiliate programs and ways to make money through blogging.

Artistic Goals

  • Complete a 30 Day Drawing Challenge.
  • Practice face painting and caricatures (would make great side hustle income).
  • Get my air brush working!
  • Sew at least once a month – I have so many pairs of pants that need hemming and would love to be able to create and alter clothes that fit me.

Health Goals

  • Take all of my medications and supplements (Prilosec, fiber, probiotics, etc.)
  • Every night complete the Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye dental care regimen.
  • Keep a sleep diary and figure out how to get some quality Zzzz’s!
  • Exercise regularly!
    • Take a dance class.
    • Begin strength training with the end goal of kipping before my 30th.
    • Take a daily walk, eventually add running spurts and run a damn mile!
  • Eat healthier!!
    • Meal plan weekly.
    • Log my food/calorie intake on MyFitnessPal.
    • Cut back on processed food, eat less sugar.
    • Prepare meals/snacks ahead of time and don’t waste fresh produce!

Personal Goals

  • Be more positive.
  • Relax (meditate) daily.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Schedule and manage my time better (cleaning, cooking, exercising, reading, relaxing, wake up and bed time routines).
  • Spend less time on Facebook.
  • Spend less time watching tv shows (except the ones I really enjoy).
  • Visit my best friend in South Korea!

Knowledge Goals

  • Learn to knit.
  • Learn a little sign language.

Home Goals

  • Sort through Hubby’s boxes/piles of stuff and clean up the guest bedroom.
  • Acquire a coffee table.
  • Hang decorations that I have and create new ones.

Relationship Goals

  • Attend a marriage retreat to work on improving our relationship.
  • Do more things with Hubby (shooting range, out to eat, movies, etc.)
  • Make more friends and do things I enjoy (bowling, dancing, game nights, arts & crafts, etc.).

Yep, once again, I have a massive list.  There’s a lot of things I want to change and I know that I will likely fail at most of these in 2015, but I have to try!  Happy New Year!

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