1. Take ALL medication and supplements.
  2. Wear sunblock.
  3. Dental care regimen.
  4. Read out loud.
  5. Stretch (legs, arms, neck stretches).
  6. Walk or exercise for 15 minutes minimum.
  7. Log food/calorie intake on MyFitnessPal.
  8. Consume one piece of fruit (solid or liquid form).
  9. Draw something.
  10. Brush cats, this will help keep cat hair at bay.
  11. Play with cats prior to meal time.
  12. Scoop all litter boxes.
  13. Vacuum at least one room.
  14. Clear clutter and dust/wipe down counters and surfaces.
  15. Dishes, either wash them by hand or put dirty ones in the dishwasher before bed.
2015 GOALS

Financial Goals

  • Make $200 a month from side hustles.
  • Pay off StudentLoan#1 before I turn 30 in June.
  • Apply for co-signer release on my private student loans.
  • Get hubby on board with budgeting.
  • Look into some kind of retirement savings (because relying on death or the future NFL success of my best friend’s two year old child aren’t smart options).
  • Weigh the pros/cons of pet insurance.

Career Goals

  • Relearn the programs that are relevant to my Media Arts & Animation degree.
  • Create a minimum of four pieces of art to add to my portfolio.
  • Have a portfolio website up and running by October 2014.

Blog Goals

  • Have several blog posts written in advance, schedule them, and stop neglecting my blog!
  • Have guest posts on my blog and write guest posts.
  • Look into affiliate programs and ways to make money through blogging.

Artistic Goals

  • Complete a 30 Day Drawing Challenge.
  • Practice face painting and caricatures (would make great side hustle income).
  • Get my air brush working!
  • Sew at least once a month – I have so many pairs of pants that need hemming and would love to be able to create and alter clothes that fit me.

Health Goals

  • Take all of my medications and supplements (Prilosec, fiber, probiotics, etc.)
  • Every night complete the Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye dental care regimen.
  • Keep a sleep diary and figure out how to get some quality Zzzz’s!
  • Exercise regularly!
    • Take a dance class.
    • Begin strength training with the end goal of kipping before my 30th.
    • Take a daily walk, eventually add running spurts and run a damn mile!
  • Eat healthier!!
    • Meal plan weekly.
    • Log my food/calorie intake on MyFitnessPal.
    • Cut back on processed food, eat less sugar.
    • Prepare meals/snacks ahead of time and don’t waste fresh produce!

Personal Goals

  • Be more positive.
  • Relax (meditate) daily.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Schedule and manage my time better (cleaning, cooking, exercising, reading, relaxing, wake up and bed time routines).
  • Spend less time on Facebook.
  • Spend less time watching tv shows (except the ones I really enjoy).
  • Visit my best friend in South Korea!

Knowledge Goals

  • Learn to knit.
  • Learn a little sign language.

Home Goals

  • Sort through Hubby’s boxes/piles of stuff and clean up the guest bedroom.
  • Acquire a coffee table.
  • Hang decorations that I have and create new ones.

Relationship Goals

  • Attend a marriage retreat to work on improving our relationship.
  • Do more things with Hubby (shooting range, out to eat, movies, etc.)
  • Make more friends and do things I enjoy (bowling, dancing, game nights, arts & crafts, etc.).
By June 2015:  My 30 Before 30 list.
  1. Kip-See the link for what a kip is
  2. Run a mile easily
  3. Participate in a 5k
  4. Shoot a gun
  5. Learn to use power tools
  6. Refinish/update a piece of thrift store furniture
  7. Grow plants and or herbs indoors
  8. Visit New York
  9. See a Broadway musical
  10. Write a book
  11. Read the whole Bible
  12. Read top 10 novels of all time
  13. Take a hip hop dance class
  14. Complete a scrapbook
  15. Fill a sketchbook
  16. Learn fluent sign language
  17. Go to a Packer game
  18. Visit my friend Liz in Oregon, see her family’s neighborhood farm
  19. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  20. Volunteer
  21. Go to the movie theater alone
  22. Learn to juggle
  23. Go through a corn maze
  24. Participate in a flash mob
  25. Anonymously pay it forward to at least one person
  26. Go sledding or play in the snow
  27. Productively manage my time
  28. Successfully make money working from home
  29. Obtain a passport
  30. Visit another country

9 thoughts on “Goals

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  2. I absolutely love your Goal list. I keep a running list of goals and add to it often. Thanks for sharing. I have snagged a few for my goal list that I will be updating on my blog this month.

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