Messed Up

I think Navient is messing with me. This is not the first time it’s happened either, but I always contributed it to my own, human error…

A few days ago I made a rather large payment towards my private loans with the intent to pay off the loan with the lowest balance by the end of January 2015. I made smaller payments for the two higher-balance loans, based on their accrued interest.  You can see in the image below how easy it is to make sure what you’re paying goes to the correct loan.


Two days pass while my payment is pending and today I find out that they applied my LARGE payment towards the wrong loan. Oy! I am no longer on track to pay off the smallest one in January. I guess I need to start taking screen captures of how I allocate my payments. It’s not all bad because my money still went towards paying off my loans and got me a little closer to my principal balance on the one it was applied towards. It’s just frustrating how easily they can mess up your plans!