Extra Monies

I mentioned previously that I was going to try out delivery driving for Orderup, a company that delivers food for restaurants that don’t offer delivery.  It’s a great service and you can even have Cold Stone delivered, at least in my area!  They said I’d be making $12 an hour.  I ended up making an average of $5.54 an hour because people don’t tip well.  I used to think my husband was crazy for having a $5 minimum tip for delivery orders but now I understand!  I decided to nix Orderup from a side gig after just a few days.  I know you start out slow but I just couldn’t see making anywhere near $12 an hour, plus my work review happened…

It went well and I’m now making $1 more an hour and picking up a lot more hours.  Still not where I want to be but I like my job and I’m learning a lot.

With the holidays around, this time of year tends to be pretty good for making extra money from pet sitting.  I’ll be making a pretty sizable payment towards my student loans this month.  Definitely on track to have another loan paid off in January!


4 thoughts on “Extra Monies

  1. Pet sitting is big. I had to go home to the states for 30 days and I paid someone $300 dollars to watch my precious fur baby. When I was living in California and go away for the weekends, I use to pay this guy $20 bucks a day to come to my house to walk and feed my dog. Go for it.

    • I’ve been pet sitting for a few years. Usually just for one or two families but now I’m really trying to market myself on Facebook and am picking up more opportunities, especially around the holidays.

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