Oberweis Home Delivery

Is it worth it?

If they mess up as often as they did for me, it might just be!

I signed up for Oberweis Home Delivery during a special offer.  You get a free dairy box (cooler) and the first week of no delivery fee.  If you cancel within 6 months or have a lapse of more than 4 weeks, then they’d charge you $24.99 for the dairy box.

So I got free shipping the first week ($2.99).  The second week they messed up, changed my delivery day without notification and waived my delivery fee.  I also got a free insulated cooler bag because I brought my dairy box inside because I was worried that someone in my apartment complex would steal it and they delivered my order inside the bag while I was on the phone with Oberweis.  The third week they somehow messed up again and my order had been completely cancelled, despite getting an email saying my order was delivered…another free delivery.  So this fourth week rolls around and I can’t log in to change my order.  The site said my user information wasn’t in their database.  So I called and my account had been completely cancelled!  I didn’t cancel it, but I certainly didn’t let them reinstate my account!  And they didn’t charge me for the dairy box.

So I got 3 weeks of free delivery, a free dairy box, and a free insulated cooler bag.  Besides for those things, it totally wasn’t worth it!  It was nice to have milk delivered but the prices are high and it sucks they don’t offer produce.


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