Happy New Fiscal Year?

A new fiscal year means my Tricare insurance deductibles reset.  Here’s to hoping FY 2015 will see less sickness and doctors!

Yesterday I had a procedure to remove a layer of skin on my lower eyelid, basically to permanently stop the growth of eyelashes growing into my eye.  I was going into my ophthalmologist every two months to get them plucked.  No more corneal abrasions caused by those little f-ers…at least I hope!  The idea is that when my lid heals, it will be scar tissue and hairless.

While heading out of my doctor’s office yesterday, I noticed a little old lady sitting outside on a bench.  She had been there when I went in over an hour earlier.  This time I saw her she was asking someone for change to take a bus home.  They didn’t have any so I dug through my purse and had a bunch of quarters for her (no wonder my purse was so heavy).

Anonymously paying it forward to someone is on my 30 Before 30 list…does her not knowing my name or anything about me count as anonymity?  And I know bus fare isn’t much, but I would hope that if I’m ever old and alone with no one to care for me that strangers would help out a little old lady!

The past month has been absolutely horrendous when it comes to sleep.  I just cannot sleep at night. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep but mostly, I can’t stay asleep.  I toss and turn, overheat, and wake up hungry. I’m so tired but can’t sleep, unless it’s a nap…and naps these days have turned into four hour long sleep sessions.  I need more naps but there’s just not enough time!  So much to do!  I am losing my cool, my patience, energy, mind, and memory.

I’m taking a staycation next week in hopes of resetting my clock.  I’ve lived in this area for 3 years and haven’t really seen any of the local attractions.  I’m hoping getting out, getting some sun will help me sleep at night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Tips for better sleep are much appreciated (even if I’ve probably already tried it).


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