No Motivation

I’ve been MIA for two weeks.  Sure, I’ve got excuses…and a massive to-do list with zero motivation.

Recovery from my sinus surgery took about a week.  I guess I should let you know that I’m doing fine.  It was one of the least painful recoveries I’ve ever had.  I only took 3 or 4 of my prescription pain killers but that was usually at night because sleeping sitting up took some getting used to.  I’ve learned that lidocaine tastes disgusting and nasal endoscopies will never be fun.  Getting my ears vacuumed out every six months is one thing but getting my sinuses vacuumed out every week is another. Yuck.  I go back for round three next week and hopefully they won’t need to do too many more.

I went back to work after a week off despite lacking energy and I then developed three different infections.  I probably should have been resting instead of trying to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks to a bunch of eyelashes growing into my eye, I managed to get a small corneal abrasion in my bad eye.  I had to wear an eye patch for 24 hours.  Aaaarrr!  It wasn’t fun…but it was funny to see the reaction of people as I walked into the waiting room at my ophthalmologists, the kids especially.  Oh, and the reaction of my ENT doctor at my follow up appointment was pretty priceless too.  That took about 6 days to completely heal.

So I’ve got all this going on in the past two weeks.  Surgery, recovery, time off from work, a handful of infections and one-eyed Kasey, everything just keeps piling up.  I’m so behind in everything.  My to-do list at work keeps growing and growing.  The dishes didn’t get done for two weeks.  The catboxes have only been cleaned once a week (I usually scoop every day).  Laundry piles.  Missed trash days.  Boxes, so many boxes that need to be broken down and put out for trash.  The apartment is a mess because it (and our car) apparently became my husband’s dumping ground, his own personal trash can too.

I’m flustered and have no motivation to even begin to pick up the pieces and get my life back in order.  I don’t know where to begin.  I could say I need more time in the day but really, I just need to not be a procrastinator.

I signed up for a free month of Skillshare and didn’t even utilize it.  That online class I was taking to improve my time management skills is just about over and I’m still on week 4…yeah, pretty much gave up.

To those people who make a living working numerous side jobs while raising a kid or two, I envy you.

Any tips for slaying the procrastination dragon?


9 thoughts on “No Motivation

  1. I have the tendency to procrastinate if I’m not careful. I’ve really had to force myself to work lately too. I’m in a funk so I’m sorry I don’t have any advice.

  2. Hey Kacey. I am happy you are doing better after your surgery. I know that things can feel a bit much sometimes, especially when you do not really know where to start.

    When I lack motivation or energy, or both, then I just do one thing that will look like it made a difference. I am sure after you flatpack those boxes and have them out the way you will see a difference and that will motivate you to do the next thing. The important part is to just continue while you have the motivation and before you know it you will be almost done with everything and feel good about it at the same time.

    • Thanks so much, Bobby! It’s trash day today and I barely had enough time to get everything out but once I flattened the boxes, I emptied all the litter boxes and cleaned out the car! Small steps for motivation. 🙂 Thanks again Bobby!

  3. I’m sorry. I know it’s not my place to say this, as you don’t know me at all. But I’m kind of appalled that your husband would make a big mess of your home and your car, in addition to not cleaning the catboxes or doing the laundry, trash, dishes or whatever else needs to be done. Have you spoken to him about this? That’s really not a nice thing for a husband to do. You were recovering from sinus surgery and that’s really terrible that he did that. I would be really upset if I had a husband and he did that.

    Sorry for overstepping my bounds. I know I’m a total stranger and you don’t know me at all, but I just read that and honestly couldn’t believe it. You’re dealing with a lot right now and he should be helping, not hindering. A marriage should be a partnership, or so I’ve heard.

    • It’s definitely stressful trying to get him to help with things around the house. We’ve had this issue before and instead of constantly arguing with him about it, I just accept that I’ll be the one to clean up after him, forever. It’s just really stressful watching everything pile up over the past few weeks and not be able to do anything about it because I wasn’t supposed to lift more than 10 lbs or bend over. One would think their husband would step up and help but, while I’m completely annoyed with my husband for not, it’s just how he is, we’ve had this conversation before. He has to maintain this clean standard on his ship and coming home is his time to relax and let loose. Half his ship is on leave so he has duty every 3 days. He also has a deployment coming up soon and every waking minute he’s not on the ship is spent either sleeping or playing a stupid game on his phone before he gives it up for good. I can tell you one thing is for sure…I won’t put up with his ways once he comes back from deployment. Six, eight, nine months of living in a clean apartment without him…I may become the queen of nagging when he’s back but it’s definitely not getting to this point again. A marriage should be a partnership. :/

      • Yes…and it’s 2014. No more wives cleaning up after messy, lazy husbands. My grandparents have this type of relationship and I get so mad. My grandfather, a grown man, not even making the bed. He won’t wash the dishes, even though we were expected to when visiting as kids. It just makes me mad. When my grandmother is away my grandfather just orders takeout until she comes back. Ugh.

        Definitely time to put your foot down. I’m glad you’re going to. He needs to hear it, even if he doesn’t WANT to hear it.

        “Letting loose” does not have to mean trashing the place and being a total slob. Oddly enough, I find cleaning and organizing relaxing! When my apartment is messy, that’s when I feel out of control and totally NOT relaxed. I imagine you’re similar. I’d go nuts dealing with that, so I commend you on your patience.

  4. I wouldn’t call it patience. I am nothing but stressed out seeing the apartment in this condition and I’m constantly in a bad mood when I’m around the husband and even snap at my kitties while he’s not home. I feel like it’s a lost cause to clean up while he’s here. He’s leaving soon (sometimes I feel not soon enough) and then I can have more than half a year in a clean, stress-free apartment. Never again is it getting like this. Never again.

  5. Oh my! So sorry that you’re not feeling well. Take care of your health first. Everything will still be around when you feel better. Just focus on that:)

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