Day of Surgery

In just a few short hours I’ll be heading into the hospital for my outpatient sinus surgery.  I haven’t been able to eat since midnight last night.  I’m starving and I’ve never wanted a cup of water more than I do now!

I’m not really worried about the surgery, but I’m worried they may cancel my surgery due to stomach pains I’ve been having since Wednesday.  The pain seems to be a tad bit better today, so we’ll see!

If they do the surgery, I’ll be recovering for several days.  I have my 17 month progress update post scheduled to go out on Wednesday but I won’t be able to update my little progress meter on the side for a few days after that.  Bear with me!


4 thoughts on “Day of Surgery

  1. Hope everything goes well! I guess the way I beat a 12hr fast is by sleeping it off, haha. My last fast for my wisdom teeth was 12hrs, no water no food. The no water part was the hardest, since I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

    • Thanks Tanner! I’m recovering quite well and surprisingly not in much pain. I think the fasting before my surgery even helped with the stomach pains I had for 4-5 days prior.

  2. Good luck with your surgery, and hope that it all goes well for you! Not eating anything (even a glass of water) would be rough, my stomach would be making all kinds of noises on the way there.

    • Thanks Debt Hater! I’m recovering just fine and am not in much pain at all. My stomach definitely was making all sorts of noises and wanted water so bad. My surgery was about an hour later than when they scheduled it so it was torture. 🙂

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