Goodbye Credit Card Debt! (Almost)

A quick post to announce that just as soon as my latest edeposit is approved, I’m paying off my credit card!

For the record, I started with a balance of $4,650 17 months ago!  I don’t even want to know how much interest I’ve paid on it.  I’m just glad it’s gone/done!  Woohoo!

While I’d love to say I’m officially credit card debt free, we still owe on the husband’s card.  We’ll get there!



16 thoughts on “Goodbye Credit Card Debt! (Almost)

  1. Well done. Like they say small victories win wars. Just need to keep on the right path and in the end you will reach your goals.

  2. Congrats on paying this one off. That will give you more leverage when paying off the husbands card! I love hearing debt payoff stories!!!

  3. That’s awesome! Some cards will put the total interest paid on their monthly statements, or detail it on the yearly ones. At least mine do. I think you may wanna start watching that… to see it go ZERO ZERO ZERO! Hurray for not paying more interest on those cards that are gone!

  4. Just keep at it. It’s great to see the progress of so many people out there paying down and eliminating their debt. Love the progress meter on the right too.

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