Winning $25,000

No, I haven’t won any money.

I did, however, score this HUGE stash of CHOCOLATE for house sitting for a guy on my husband’s ship while they were underway.  Chocolate galore!


A friend matched a $25,000 scratch off on one of those car dealership turn-your-key thingies.  Though I doubt she actually won $25k, it made me think of how I’d spend that if I won.  I don’t ever win anything so that will never happen, but it’s still nice to daydream a little!

With debt as high as mine, $25,000 is kind of a minuscule amount.  I could pay off two of my four private loans.  I’d probably try settling with Sallie Mae for less than I owe to see if I could knock out 3 of 4.

Having $25,000 around would be extremely tempting to purchase the furniture I’ve been wanting but I think, ultimately,  most of it would be thrown at debt.

Stupid debt.  Even if I had a $25,000 boost, I’d still be in debt.  I hate this crap.

How would you spend $25,000 if you won?


15 thoughts on “Winning $25,000

  1. I would just chuck it all at my loans. It would pay off my biggest loan and my smallest loan and shave 10 months off my repayment schedule and get me down to 11 much smaller loans. It would be freaking amazing!!

  2. If I’m being honest I’d probably take a vacation and the rest on debt. Nothing crazy like trip around the world but save like 5-7k for airfare to visit family on the other side of the country/take 2 weeks off work, the rest (20-18k) would go on debt!

  3. I’d definitely be doing the same – throwing the entire sum of the money at our loans, beginning with the highest interest to the smallest. We don’t have as much debt as you do, but we’d still be in a bit of debt ourselves. It would, however, shave years off of our financial plan to get a house. That alone would be amazing.

  4. Honestly, I’d put it into an interest-bearing savings account. If I put it on my debt, I’d be broke and still $21k in the hole. Right now savings for me is more important than debt repayment, even as, go figure, I have no savings.

    I’d rather increase my net worth by having an asset than by reducing a debt at this point in my life. And I could even use some of the balance to start making $600 monthly payments like I want to. So maybe I would use it to pay the debt, but not all at once. It would be a buffer between me and disaster as well as a source of being able to keep current with my student loans, as I am woefully unable to be now.

  5. I would be boring and pay off a vehicle even though I really want to say I would put in an inground pool in our backyard instead of being practical!

  6. That’s exactly how much I owe in debt, so I’d be debt-free. Woohoo! If only I could win just that amount, it would be perfect.

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