Going Gray For May

So I’m not growing any gray hairs here, but May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month!  Brain tumors are represented by the color gray, where’s your ribbon?

Grey RibbonBecome an advocate and join me in supporting Brain Tumor Awareness Month. I encourage you to further the cause by taking part in one or more of the following:

Last year, we asked you to send in your pics of how YOU, your family, patient, survivor and friends went gray. Our goal was to have the whole U.S. covered for awareness. We almost made it but were still missing a few states. 

THIS year, we’d like to see the whole U.S. completely covered! You can help us by sending your pictures, changing your profile pic to our #GoGrayforMay logo, and by sharing, liking and spreading the word about the important brain tumor facts we’ll be posting. 

Send your pictures to Kayla (kgiacin@cbtf.org). Please include the patient’s name, brief story and which state you’re from.MRI

I can’t believe it’s May already.  That means next month I’ll be turning 29 and celebrating 19 years of being a brain tumor survivor!  Man, 19 years is a long time!  Where does the time go?  This means I have only 13 months to try to complete all the things on my 30 before 30 list, egads!  Let’s revisit this list and see what I need to do to make this happen!

  1. Kip-See the link for what a kip is.  I need to train, build muscle in my abs, legs and arms.  I can do this after I recover from my surgery.  12 months – doable!
  2. Run a mile easily.  Easy peasy, I just need to train!  I’m hoping my sinus surgery may improve my current inability to breathe through my nose while running, which is the reason I don’t run.
  3. Participate in a 5k.  Doable.  I’ll probably sign up for one in Spring of 2015.  Any suggestions?
  4. Shoot a gun.  The Bug-A-Salt doesn’t count.  Hoping my husband can take me shooting before his deployment.
  5. Learn to use power tools.  I just need to sign up for something at Home Depot!  I’m also thinking about starting a monthly or bi-weekly learn-to-craft military wives group while my husband is on deployment.  Each meeting you learn some new skill, whether it’s using power tools, cooking, crafting, or some kind of handy tricks.
  6. Refinish/update a piece of thrift store furniture.  I bought a second-hand entryway table that I would like to paint black to match the rest of our furniture.  Just a little wary about going that alone.
  7. Grow plants and or herbs indoors.  This would be tricky with my cats but I’d like to try some aloe to start.
  8. Visit New York City.  May or may not happen.  Maybe for Fleet Week 2015, if there is one?  I’m also considering taking a little road trip with my mom who will come to visit me when my husband is on deployment.  We’d like to see Niagara Falls.  Maybe we can swing in a little NYC?
  9. See a Broadway musical.  Unlikely, but I’ll settle with a musical.
  10. Write a book.  I’m thinking a children’s book, getting inspiration from my niece.
  11. Read the whole Bible.  I’m not religious but I want to do this, just to say I have read it.
  12. Read top 10 novels of all time.  This link has 2 lists, so that’s 20 books, minus the 3 I’ve already read.  Err…considering I’m now into the GOT books, I’m not sure this will happen.
  13. Take a hip hop dance class.  There’s nothing to it but to do it!
  14. Complete a scrapbook.  Just do one so I know I’m not good at it and can get rid of all the crap I’ve collected over the years.
  15. Fill a sketchbook.  Just need to start drawing again!
  16. Learn fluent sign language.  I probably won’t be fluent, but I want to learn!
  17. Go to a Packer game.  This would have to happen this season.  I would love to but I’m just not sure it can be afforded.  Maybe if I win some tickets?
  18. Visit my friend Liz in Oregon, see her family’s neighborhood farm.  Maybe in Spring 2015.
  19. Visit Yellowstone National Park.  Only if we move from the east coast to the west coast.
  20. Volunteer
  21. Go to the movie theater alone
  22. Learn to juggle.  I’m almost there!  I can juggle for a few seconds at a time.
  23. Go through a corn maze.  Can do this fall, somewhere.
  24. Participate in a flash mob.  So hard to find ones in my area!  Maybe I need to organize my own…for Make-A-Wish perhaps?
  25. Anonymously pay it forward to at least one person.  Easy, right?  I’m thinking of paying for someone’s meal?  A couple did that for my husband and I once.
  26. Go sledding or play in the snow
  27. Productively manage my time.  Meh.  I’m working on it…says the person who is 4 weeks behind in an online course to better improve her time management skills.
  28. Successfully make money working from home.  I’m crossing this off my list since I can work from home as needed.  I would still like to find more ways to make MORE money from home (blogging income, freelance, etc.).
  29. Obtain a passport.  Maybe my mom and I will get passports and visit Canada on our road trip?
  30. Visit another country.  Mmmaybe.

Any tips or input you may have to help me reach my 30 before 30 goal would be greatly appreciated!  Do you have a list like this?  Have you failed to cross items off your list?

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