Wishful Wednesday

I found out yesterday that I’ll be needing surgery to clear out my sinuses, remove the nasal polyps and fix a deviation.  I’ve been sick with a sinus infection for many weeks now and the first round of antibiotics only decreased my symptoms.  I’ve been off for three weeks and feel horrible.  I’m now on round two of antibiotics.  Surgery will be in May.  I’m not too worried about the surgery as it’s endoscopic and I’ve had my sinuses cleaned out numerous times while I was battling cancer.  I have also had more surgeries/general anesthesia than I can count on my two hands and these minor ones, which seem to be popping every year or two, are becoming more and more routine.  Hopefully recovery won’t be painful!

Wish Story

You’re never too old to volunteer!  This 75 year old is trying to grant 75 wishes before his 85th birthday!

Courtesy of Make-A-Wish

He is truly an inspiration and I hope I’m still volunteering with Make-A-Wish if I ever when I retire!

What I’m Wishing For

I’m currently wishing for the same things as last week.  I’m trying to find used furniture from online sale sites and thrift stores.  No luck so far because most of this stuff just won’t fit in my car.

What are you currently wishing for?  Do you volunteer?


14 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

  1. I’ve had two endoscopic sinus surgeries the past two years. I still deal with sinus symptoms every day, but for now they are relatively clear. I found that fluticasone (steroid nasal spray) REALLY helps and I’m not sure how I would function without it (it’s a prescription but definitely worth bringing up if you don’t already have it). Be sure to take it easy during your recovery. I tried to work from home the 3rd day after surgery and my body clearly wasn’t ready for it.

    Allergies are the underlying problem for me. I got tested after my second surgery and found out that I was allergic to 92% of Minnesota’s top 25 allergens! I’ve been getting immunotherapy shots since last June and I would definitely say if allergies are an underlying issue start taking these shots ASAP because they take so long.

    Anyway I hope the surgery goes well and let us know how it goes. If you ever want to email about sinus surgery feel free to reach out haha. Sinus issues have greatly impacted my life and I love discussing it with others who are experiencing similar problems.

    • Wow, 92%! That’s a lot. Luckily for me I don’t have allergies. Thanks for sharing all that, DC. I have been on fluticasone nasal spray since my doctor found the polyps. I have a concha bullosa, a deviation, that kind of forms a cup in my sinuses and makes it hard to completely clear out the infection. Right now, when I use the nasal spray it hardly goes up the left side of my nose and hopefully will be fixed with surgery. Thanks for the heads up about recovery…I figured day surgery so I’d be back to work the next day? Haha, guess not! Was the pain bad? How many days would you say it took to get fully recovered?

      • Do NOT go back to work the next day! The first surgery I had some hard packing that had to be taken out the next week. This alone caused a lot of problems as I could only breathe out of my mouth and I was constantly dehydrated (and constantly drinking water). I would plan on taking at least 4 days off from work, and hopefully you have a weekend sometime in there. If you can work from home you could try doing it the 3rd day even though I did and I really regretted it as I was very exhausted and my stomach didn’t feel well.

        The second time I had some dissolvable packing so it was a bit better. You might want to check with your doctor about your deviated septum. I have one as well but he didn’t tackle it in either surgery because he said it can be difficult to do if there’s too many polyps and swelling (probably because he’s already cutting out so much that he doesn’t want to try to reconstruct/straighten a septum).

        Full recovery? At least a couple weeks, if not a bit longer. After one week I could definitely work and function, but I still suffered from some dehydration and just being more tired than usual. I also went through all my vicodin each time. The pain can creep up on you. Feel free to email me too if you want it’s on the bottom of the Young Adult Money page.

      • Thank you so much for this info, DC! I’m definitely not looking forward to the pain of the recovery. Hopefully it’s not too bad. My doctor said the packing would dissolve, so that sounds like good news-ish.

  2. Good luck on your surgery. I know they’re never fun. I love the 75 year old man wanting to fulfill 75 wishes, that’s awesome. Good luck on finding low cost furniture it can be hard to find, but I’m sure it’s out there!.

  3. I love Make-A-Wish! I have done some volunteering for them before and I think their cause is pure awesomeness!

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