Happy April 20th, 2014

Whatever you may be celebrating on this day, happiness to you!


A cute photo from the shelter I volunteer at.


When did Easter become a second Christmas?  I see people posting photos of piles of gifts and toys their children got this morning.  When I was a kid it was more like Halloween 2.0.  You searched for your basket which was mostly filled with candy.  There may have been a small dollar store, stocking stuffer-type gift, but not the kinds of stuff I’m seeing these days!

Holidays have become so commercialized and, as I’ve grown older, I’m finding it harder to celebrate religious-based holidays when I’m not religious.  I’d almost feel bad if I ever had my own children because they wouldn’t get that many toys for Easter or Christmas.  Nor would I laden them with sweets.  Would they feel bad when they go back to school and all the kids are boasting about their new toys and all they got was some quality family time?  Would I be a horrible parent if I didn’t partake in these holidays at all?  It almost feels like you’d be forced to as a parent, religious or not, for the sake of your children not being left out!

What do you think?  What do your kids get on Easter?  Do you think we’re spoiling our youth?


4 thoughts on “Happy April 20th, 2014

  1. Well I don’t have kids, but I am pretty sure if I did I would probably get them some sort of Easter basket. But I totally know what you’re saying about “Christmas 2.0.” It’s intense how kids get video games, toys, etc. in their baskets these days!

    • I saw one picture posted on FB where a family has five kids. Their Easter gifts/toys take up a whole table. Each one got a pair of sandles and a large-ish outdoor toy and a bunch of random other stuff (backpack, board game, stuffed animals, balls, and just a lot of toys). It’s nuts.

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