Wishful Wednesday


I’m anxiously waiting the results of my recent CT scan of my sinuses.  I’m not sure why I’m so anxious because there’s only two way the results can go.  I had the scan yesterday and the tech told me my doctor would have the results the same day.  Now it’s just a waiting game for when the doctor calls me…though I’m pretty impatient and might just give her a ring today.

Wish Stuff

The mother of the most recent wish kid I interviewed expressed interest in becoming a volunteer for Make-A-Wish!  It’s such a rewarding experience and I recommend to all!

What I’m Wishing For

I’m really wishing I had a dining room table…and a counter height stand/table to put my microwave on, and maybe a kitchen island, and an entryway table, a real coffee table, decorations to hang on the wall, and a pretty large trunk/chest.  And some new clothes.  Le sigh.  I hate when I get in these moods.  I don’t really need these things but it’d be nice to have them!

What are you currently wishing for?


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