Is Amazon Prime Worth It?


I signed up for the Amazon Prime trial in November of 2012.  I forgot to cancel the trial in December and wound up paying $79 for a year.  I’ve found it to be very beneficial thus far but now that Amazon is raising the price to $99, I need to decide if it’s worth renewing again once December rolls around.

Let’s look at my first year prime savings (Dec 2012-Dec 2013):

cat food $8.94
cat litter $14.50
mat board $1.10
vacuum $30.99
keyboards $19.10
mouse $11.70
personal care items $2.69
cleaning supplies $2.09

$91.11 in prime savings from purchases.  I’m not even going to try to remember which shows I watched through Prime Instant Video but I know there were quite a few.

Now let’s take a look at this years’ prime savings so far (Dec 2013 – Dec 2014)

books $27.83
cat food $10.54
cat litter $33.32
personal care items $23.47
food $1.49

$96.65 in savings with prime so far (with 8 months to go before renewal)!

While I have bought a few additional items that weren’t Prime eligible, for the most part, I’ve gotten free shipping on all that stuff.  I especially love the free shipping on 40 lbs of cat litter or the 16 lb bags of cat food I order!

I also need to factor in the amount of streaming videos I’ve watched through Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Downton Abbey – 3 seasons (1.99 each episode)
Under the Dome – one season (2.99 each episode)
Daria – 5 seasons ($1.99 each episode)
The Good Wife – 4 seasons ($1.99 each episode)
Pride & Prejudice – 6 episodes ($1.99 each episode)
The Witches ($9.99)
Orphan Black – season 1 ($1.99 each episode)  *Highly recommend this show!
Doctor Who – season 7 part 1 ($1.99 each episode)
*soon to add season 7 part 2 of Doctor Who! ($1.99 each episode)
The Tudors – 4 seasons ($1.99 each episode)

I can’t recall everything I’ve watched through Prime Instant Video but an estimation for this list is well over $400 without Prime.  I’m not going to go back and check to see how many episodes are in each season or each show I’ve watched, but you get the idea.

So, with all that said, I’m definitely going to be renewing my Prime account come December!

Will you be renewing or signing up for Amazon Prime this year?


10 thoughts on “Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

  1. We participated in Amazon Prime one year because we were comparing that to Netflix when they were raising their prices. I have to admit, I loved the free two day shipping as well as the free books I got for my kindle. I think there were some discounted prices for kindle books too. We didn’t end up renewing because my husband didn’t feel that there were enough movie choices (at least what he watches as I don’t watch movies). However, I’m sure, when I pay off more of my bills, I will be renewing my Amazon Prime account too.

    • Prime definitely pales in comparison to Netflix when it comes to video streaming. Even though Prime has some more recent episodes available before the season is over, their selection is pretty minimal. I’m really loving the free shipping part. It’s so much easier to have the large bags/boxes of cat litter and food delivered right to my door than for me to have to lug it around the grocery store and into/out of my car.

  2. My Amazon Prime renewed before it went up to $99. I will keep it this year, but I don’t watch shows on Amazon Prime and don’t shop as much on Amazon as I used to. I will probably not renew.

  3. I too have Amazon Prime, and for me, it’s worth it. A lot of my toiletries are deeply discounted thanks to some of their savings, and I appreciate the next day shipping on some things (like when the laptop charger died and my half brother needed it the next day– paid $9 through Amazon, instead of the $32 he saw at Best Buy). As a last throw, I also share it with my family, so they too get the benefit of 2nd day shipping… so when you add that, it makes sense, some. If you could charge $20 per person you share it with, you literally get the account for free, but I’m not one to charge my family, haha.

  4. I took advantage of the free prime while I was in school and then again the deal when it was only like $50 to renew? I used it pretty often at that point and it probably paid for itself. Since then I have not renewed it though, as I don’t order often enough and I might feel obligated to spend more on Amazon! Maybe once I move out and take a look at Hulu/Netflix I’ll have to throw Amazon into that compare to see if it’s worth it again.

    • If you’re just going to use Prime for streaming videos, it definitely pales in comparison to Netflix. I like Hulu because of the recent episodes but Hulu Plus definitely isn’t something I’d ever pay for (I’ve used the trial).

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