Wishful Wednesday


Where have I been?  It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted.  I really hate neglecting my blog!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I REALLY need to have posts written in advance for times when I’m busy, like March was.  I’m working on more side hustles to grow the money I throw at my student loans.   It’s also the time of year when I have all my yearly checkups with multiple doctors.  On top of the meetings and appointments, I’ve had a number of health issues.  I just recently finished three weeks of antibiotics (horse pills) for a sinus infection likely caused by a nasal polyp.  It’s been two days off the antibiotics and my snot is yellow and I have a horrible sinus headache.  I have a CT scan of my sinuses coming up next week and I’m guessing they’re going to say I need to have the polyp removed.

The Wishful Part

I signed up for another wish granter experience and it’s pretty coincidental that the wish kid actually lives in my apartment complex…on the same street!

This wish is not Make-A-Wish related, but it’s still worth a watch!

What I’m Wishing For

I’m wishing I had a laptop for work.  I’m highly considering it!

What are you currently wishing for?


10 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

  1. If it’s not a polyp, there could be mold somewhere. I went through two rounds of Biaxin, prednisone and tons of over the counter stuff. I even had a sample taken and cultured. Finally I thought that perhaps I had mold in my HVAC system and I did a bit of testing, and once I was mostly convinced, I covered all my vents with HEPA filters (secured with white duct tape). Problem solved! I am better!

    Good luck!

    • Oh yikes! I know for certain I at least had a polyp. My doctor put a camera up my nose when I went in for a sinus infection. She thought the infection was due to the polyp and hoped that 3 weeks of antibiotics would rid me of the polyp. If it’s not gone, how did you test for mold?

  2. Oh no! I’ve heard over and over that pollen is at record highs! I had never even had allergy symptoms till this past year. I hope you feel better soon! I’m wishing for a ton of things. I’d love a Nikon Rebel T5, a Surface pro, and an embroidery machine! Saving for the machine currently. They are so dang expensive.

    • I don’t have allergies and the only way the pollen bothers me is how it makes my car dirty. 🙂 It’s this darn nasal polyp that’s causing problems and I can’t wait to deal with it and be done with feeling like crap!

      Oooh, those things are all shiny! The Surface pro looks especially sweet!

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