February Budget Update

Meh.  I haven’t been keeping up with the budget at all this month, or this year.

Now that we use my husband’s rewards credit card for most purchases, the budget has been thrown out the window.

I need to devise a new plan, a new spreadsheet, to track what we’re spending in both our checking account and on the credit card so we can pay that amount off as we go!

Screw my usual grading scale because this month deserves a big, FAT F!

Fixed/Expected Expenses (Rent, Netflix, Utilities)  – Yada yada yada…these are the same every month or I get advance notice what our bill for the month will be.

Gas – Spent $95 on $100 gas budget.

Car Stuff –  $55 for routine maintenance, to patch a tire (had a nail in it), and to fix our cigarette lighter port.  I budget $15 each month for maintenance/repairs and most months we don’t use any of it.  I’m thinking I should either open another checking account solely for that budgeted $15 or just take cash out every month for a maintenance/repair envelope.

Prescriptions – New prescription is being filled at Rite Aid, no more Express Scripts for prescriptions that aren’t free!  Still within budget.

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – Spent $47 of the $90 budgeted.

Groceries – $575 out of $300 budget.  Holy guacamole!  Yeah, that’s for a whole bunch of crappy processed food.  While I’m slowly trying to change my habits to healthier eating, hubby’s all about convenience…but at what cost?!

Dining Out – Budgeted $25, spent $57.  No excuses.

Energy Drinks/Navy Cash – Spent $191 of budgeted $100.  Le sigh.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – My husband spent almost $400 on games alone this month!

Pet Expenses – Budget met.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – A trip to Home Depot and Walmart have us well over our $25 budget for Miscellaneous expenses.

How did you do overall on your budgeting this month?

10 thoughts on “February Budget Update

      • By my choice, my husband does not pay my debts. 100% of my income goes towards my debt. My husband was debt free last year but ever since he got the credit card, the budget (based solely on his income) has been thrown out the window and he’s been spending like crazy…which usually happens just before his ship goes on an underway. He wants to pay down his credit card, but if he can’t stick to a budget, I can’t say he’s actually on board… :/

  1. You and hubby spent almost $1,200 in one month on food, drinks, and games! That is crazy. I think you need to have a serious talk about your finances as a couple, or you will never see headway in your finances. It is so important to have the money talks in a marriage!

    • I completely agree with you Kiki. It’s just frustrating talking with my husband, especially about serious subjects like money, because I feel like he truly doesn’t listen or grasp what I’m saying. I’ll take any tips on how to get a big spender to stop spending!

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, just keep moving forward. You’re gonna have good and bad months. The important thing is that you adjust and push harder the next month. That is my philosophy and I’m sticking to it. Can you see my poms-poms?

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