Weekly Review

Welcome to the first installment of my Weekly Review!  I’ll regularly be summarizing my week with updates, personal goals/thoughts, and some of my favorite posts from other bloggers.  I also want to start sharing some of my art.

As you may know, I racked up my student loans by going to a for-profit school majoring in Media Arts & Animation.  Upon learning the amount of debt I was in, I considered it the biggest mistake of my life.  The weight of my student loans completely wiped out any passion I had for art.  I felt like a failure and that feeling resurfaced every time I approached a medium.  Regaining my passion has been a long process, and I’m still slowly progressing.  I figure if I make it part of a weekly blog schedule, I’ll be more inclined to spend the time to make something worth showing my readers.

So, without further ado…


You may have noticed my blog URL is now mydebtperception.com!  I probably would have waited on purchasing a domain for another month or so but I stumbled on a GoDaddy special that was too good to pass up.   You might notice a few changes here and there over the next week.  Nothing major, just trying to make everything more functional.


I spent a great deal of time meal planning this week.  I went shopping for healthy food but failed to spend the day preparing snacks and separating portions for crock pot meals.  Out of the 4 days since I got the food, I’ve only made one thing on my plan…and I skimped on a bunch of the ingredients because I didn’t want to chop them up.  Old habits die hard!  WIP!

I did try out an adult gymnastics class on Friday evening.  I probably should have transitioned into it by working out at home for a few weeks before I dove in; I’m so out of shape.  I was feeling the burn in my legs after running the third lap around the floor during warm-ups!  I’m still so sore and it takes a lot of effort to get moving.  It’s great exercise though and my ultimate goal is to cross a kip off my 30 Before 30 list!  I can’t wait to go back next week!

The only downside to this class is that it’s $22 per class (the first was free).  When did fitness-type classes get so expensive?!  I’ll probably only go to this class every other week starting in March.  Getting a kip will require a lot of muscle strength/conditioning and these are things I can do for free at home or at the base gym for free.


I’ve mostly been playing around in Photoshop.  I was inspired by this Pin and used a photo of my best friend’s husband and baby to create this.  They loved it.  It will probably happen again.


I also came up with a potential logo for Debt Perception.  You can check out the rough version on Twitter.


Dear Debt – I’m Going to FinCon!  So happy for Melanie!

Our Freaking Budget – Weekend Recap:  Zion National Park  I’ve always wanted to go there, so pretty!

Red Debted Stepchild Eating My Financial Words Erin fesses up to past flawed financial views.

Club Thrifty Why a Four Hour Workday is Better Than Early Retirement Holly makes a great point here!

Do you know anyone who would pay to have a photo face-swapped?  What’s the most you would pay for it?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Review

  1. Thanks for the love, girl. Glad you have a domain and loving the logo too! I love what you did with the photo — I don’t know of anyone that would want that, but it seems like people could use that service for sure.

  2. I just want to say I KNOW about the fitness stuff being so expensive! I’ve never been a gym girl – not motivated enough – BUT my older son has a weight training class right now in school. He LOVES it. He loves to work out. And my other son …. well he’s a couch potato who NEEDS to work out. And while I’ve never had a weight problem, I am not fit at all. I would love to get a Y family membership but it’s $80 a month. Ouch. Not happening any time soon!

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