2014 Goals…Overkill

I may be setting myself up for failure here with this monstrous list of goals (and random to-do’s) but this is all stuff I want to change, I’ve tried to change, or NEED to change!  Let’s do this!

Financial Goals

  • Make $200 a month from side hustles (pet/baby sitting, house cleaning, surveys, Fiverr, etc).
  • Pay off all credit card debt (including hubby’s) by December 2014 – That’s about $410 a month, doable.
  • Add about $25 to our savings account after each pay day to grow our emergency fund to $1000 by the end of 2014.
  • Budget better (pre-purchase junk food) for long underways or deployments that hubby goes on this year.
  • Look into some kind of retirement savings (because relying on death or the future NFL success of my best friend’s barely one year old child aren’t smart options).
  • Weigh the pros/cons of pet insurance.

Career Goals

  • Relearn the programs that are relevant to my Media Arts & Animation degree.
  • Create a minimum of one piece of art to add to my portfolio each month.
  • Have a portfolio website up and running by August 2014.
  • Start freelancing again by September 2014.

Blog Goals

  • Have several blog posts written in advance, schedule them.
  • Have guest posts on my blog and write guest posts.
  • Decide on a domain and redesign!
  • Look into affiliate programs and ways to make money through blogging.

Artistic Goals

  • Carry a sketchbook with me in my purse, and use it.
  • Complete a 30 Day Drawing Challenge.
  • Practice face painting and caricatures (would make great side hustle income).
  • Get my air brush working!
  • Sew at least once a month – I have so many pairs of pants that need hemming and would love to be able to create and alter clothes that fit me.

Health Goals

  • Take all of my medications and supplements (Prilosec, fiber, probiotics, etc.)
  • Every night complete the Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye dental care regimen.
  • Exercise regularly!
    • On days I don’t work Thursday mornings, go to the free zumba class on base.
    • Sign up for the Friday evening adult gymnastics class and begin kip training by February.
    • Take a daily walk, eventually add running spurts and run a damn mile by December 2014.
  • Eat healthier!!
    • Meal plan weekly.  Cook more and utilize the slow cooker my mom got me for Christmas!
    • Log my food/calorie intake on MyFitnessPal and keep up with the Fit for Fourteen group.
    • Cut back on processed food, eat less sugar.
    • Prepare meals/snacks ahead of time and don’t waste the fresh produce!

Personal Goals

  • Continue my TMJ and Speech therapy at home.
    • Relax (meditate) for 15 minutes with the heated blanket wrapped around my head.
    • Twice daily do neck and tongue depressor exercises.
    • Read out loud, slowly, over-exaggerate enunciation.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Revamp my 15 things I should be doing daily list and print or write out this list and place it around my apartment so I see it daily.
  • Develop some kind of feeding routine for my cats so they stop thinking I will feed them every time I get up from my computer chair.
  • Create a daily skin care regimen.
  • Schedule and manage my time better (cleaning, cooking, exercising, reading, relaxing, wake up and bed time routines).
  • Spend less time on Facebook – There’s no reason I need to see EVERY single post I missed since I last logged in.
  • Spend less time watching tv shows (except the ones I really enjoy).

Knowledge Goals

  • Take a workshop at Home Depot (learn to use power tools, refurbish furniture?)
  • Reread H.O.T. Web Design book.
  • Learn to knit.
  • Learn a little sign language.

Home Goals

  • Sort through Hubby’s boxes/piles of stuff.
  • Get rid of/sell things we have not used since we moved in.
  • Organize the bedrooms and linen closet.
  • Acquire a kitchen table, a microwave stand/cart, and a coffee table.
  • Hang decorations that I have and create new ones.

Relationship Goals

  • Work on being less of a snarky bitch towards Hubby.  (Happy thoughts…hold my tongue for three seconds before responding).
  • Do more things with Hubby (shooting range, out to eat, movies, etc.)
  • Make more friends and actually do things beside work with them.  (Book club, board game night, etc.)

And here’s my 2014 list of 15 Things I Should Be Doing Daily:

  1. Take ALL medication and supplements.
  2. Wear sunblock.
  3. Dental care regimen.
  4. Read out loud.
  5. Stretch (legs, arms, neck stretches).
  6. Walk or exercise for 15 minutes minimum.
  7. Log food/calorie intake on MyFitnessPal.
  8. Consume one piece of fruit (solid or liquid form).
  9. Draw something.
  10. Brush cats, this will help keep cat hair at bay.
  11. Play with cats prior to meal time.
  12. Scoop all litter boxes.
  13. Vacuum at least one room.
  14. Clear clutter and dust/wipe down counters and surfaces.
  15. Dishes, either wash them by hand or put dirty ones in the dishwasher before bed.

Uhh…that’s a lot of stuff, kind of overwhelming.  One day at a time!  I’m on Pinterest now looking up other ways to help me change my habits…from printing lists, writing lists on my bathroom mirror, using real post-it notes, etc.  I definitely need to find a better way to organize my random notes and to-do’s because my desktop is plastered with sticky notes and it’s kind of overwhelming.


I think I need to get a planner!  Until then, I created this weekly planner page that I can insert into a plastic cover thingy and use a dry erase marker to fill in all the details.  On the bottom, I have a section where I can schedule cleaning, blog, art, exercise and meals categories daily.


2014 shall be the year of lifestyle changes.  Yes, yes it shall and YOU will be my witness!


13 thoughts on “2014 Goals…Overkill

    • I know, I’m nuts! Busy is the plan! The busier I am the more productive I’ll be and the less time I’ll be wasting away on Facebook or watching pointless tv shows.

      Nothing’s worse than the interest these buggers gain each month. I want them gone and then I want to use them responsibly to gain rewards to use for travel.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Chris! And thanks for commenting…been a long time! I hope you’re doing well! I joined Trello and am trying to figure it out now. It’s kind of looking like a Pinterest for all my to-do or “remember this” notes.

  1. You can do it! I am right there with ya. I am also interested in getting back to my creative side and performing, singing, creative writing, photography, etc. It’s hard to do those things when you get discouraged, but let’s reclaim that part of ourselves.

  2. Yikes, girl, you are gonna need to clone yourself to do all these things. But I do get it and it is better to lay it all out there with reminders and goals and the like. I especially liked the daily agenda list.
    Have you looked into Evernote. I just started using it and it is really cool for the type of lists and stuff you discuss and you can sync it to many devices. Happy New Year to you.

  3. Wow! You have a lot of goals. Good luck in 2014!

    I stopped Facebook 2 years ago and it did make my life much simpler. I got sick of the whining and bragging that was a constant on there. But I do miss seeing pics of my friends’ kids 😦

    • Thanks, I’ll definitely need the luck!

      I don’t think I’ll ever completely get rid of Facebook. It’s a great way for me to see what is going on in my family and friends’ lives that live far away and it’s also a great marketing tool. It’s just become such a time suck lately and I am getting sick of the constant whining and bragging posts.

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