December Budget Recap


Based on my grading scale, I give our December budget a D, at 72%.

Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, and Netflix are the same every month.

Expected Expenses (Electric Bill, Cell Phones, Renter’s Insurance) – Cell phone bill was $10 lower than expected, unsure why.

Gas – Spent $61 on $100 gas budget while hubby was gone for over a month.

Car Stuff –  First insurance payment was $20 more than I expected.  Spent $15 at Auto Zone purchasing fuses (our cigarette lighter port still doesn’t work) and a mount for my cell phone for navigation.

Prescriptions – Prescription is back to being $43.

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – Way over budget after paying $850 for my hearing aids.

Groceries – $249 out of the $350 budget.  I think this is a bit high considering my husband was gone for over a month.  I feel we’ll go over budget in January while my husband has off for 10 days or so.  Despite having many different meal options in our apartment right now, hubby likes his beans, hummus and cinnamon bagels.  Knowing he’d actually eat what I cook would give me more motivation to stick with my goals of cooking more and eating healthier.  It would also help us spend less on food and pay off those stupid credit cards.

Dining Out – Budgeted $25, spent $12.

Energy Drinks/Navy Cash – I’ve added hubby’s Navy Cash card to this category while he’s out to sea.  He can transfer money from our bank account to use to purchase drinks and snacks out of vending machines. $237 out of the $100 budget.  Ouch.  It’s too easy (and expensive) for my husband to buy snacks from the vending machine.  Next underway we will purchase this junk ahead of time and I will send him care packages during deployments.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – All under budget.

Pet Expenses – Budget met.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – Well over budget after making a trip to Walmart.

Even though hubby’s finally getting paid (more) for his rate advancement, I’m kind of disappointed how much he is spending while he’s out to sea.  I’m sure items from the vending machines aren’t cheap and it’s nice to have more than just mess hall food but we probably could have saved a bunch of money and bought junk food for him before he left.  It’s hard to get ahead on the debt when spending habits don’t change!

Did you over-spend at all in December?  How did you do overall on your budgeting?


2 thoughts on “December Budget Recap

  1. My first goal is to make a budget. I have never looked at where I put my money. I already know I went over budget because the money was gone before our next payday. I’m feeling your pain on the medical bills because that’s where a hefty portion of our money is also going. Good luck on staying under budget.

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