Wishful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, folks!

My first wish kid’s wish has been approved and he’ll be going on a Disney Cruise and stopping at Castaway Cay!

It hasn’t been confirmed yet when it will happen but I need to start thinking of enhancement gifts to give him and his sisters each month building up to the departure date.  I also need to think about throwing a send-off party.

Any ideas on gifts related to Disney or items you would get for people going a cruise?


I’m going to try to get an autograph from Tony Romo as one enhancement.  This kid’s second wish was to go to a Cowboy’s game and meet the team.  Tony Romo graduated from my high school.  Granted, it was the year before I even started my freshman year of high school but surely I could find someone still in cahoots with him in less than six degrees of separation.  Wish me luck!

I’m also hoping that by the time you read this, I’ll be a Mega Millionaire!

What’s on your wish list?


6 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

  1. So happy for your wish kid’s wish being granted. Must be an exciting time for him. As I cannot make a suggestion as to what you can get someone about to embark on a cruise, I am wishing that you indeed become a mega millionaire. Surely that will make thinking what to get a lot easier. 🙂

    • Unfortunately I’m a mega loser. I hate playing the lottery buy my mom kept bugging me so I caved and wasted two dollars. Of course, being the unluckiest person when it comes to lottery-type drawings, I didn’t match a single number. Never again! I’ll just lie and say I didn’t win and still keep that two dollars in my pocket!

    • It is pretty awesome, but it’s too bad I never met the guy! I do have older friends/neighbors who went to school with him and I’m hoping he still stays in contact with some of his old high school buddies!

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