I CAN Hear You Now!

I’ve had my new hearing aids for about a week now.  They’ve been the best investment ever!

While I’m still not at a normal hearing level, just the small increase is amazing.  The transition to a normal hearing range will be slow to allow me to get used to the hearing difference.  It’s awesome just to hear little things I don’t normally hear.  I can watch tv shows and movies without blaring the volume and disturbing the neighbors or without subtitles.


The hearing aid on the left was my very first.  It’s a custom mold for my ear and it’s HUGE.  I got it very early in my teens.  I hated wearing it because it was so visible.  It picked up A LOT of background noise and it screeched if my hand or any object came within a few inches of my ear.  I didn’t wear it much.

The second (middle) hearing aid was a bit of an improvement later in my teens.  It still picked up a lot of background noise, was visible, and I hated carrying around the remote control for it.

The third (far right) is my hearing aid today.  While it does pick up background noise, it’s not overpowering like my old ones.  The ear piece is more comfortable and it’s less visible.


The tube that goes in my ear kind of blends in with my hair and with the way I wear my hair, you barely notice the bulkier part behind my ear.  I’ll be getting a new tube soon because it’s supposed to rest up against my head and will fit even better.

The aids, plus a years’ supply of the tips that go in my ear and batteries, came to be about $850; A little more than the $600 estimate I was given.  I think that’s  a lot better than paying $1,550 out of pocket for just one hearing aid!  I’m definitely happy to be able to hear.  I needed these!


13 thoughts on “I CAN Hear You Now!

    • Thanks! I got new, smaller tubes for it today but it fits way too tight. I could go about 10 hours with the old, longer tubes in but after 4 hours with the new tubes, it hurts too much. I got the volume raised to 90% and will be at 100% in January. It’s amazing how much of a difference there is without them in!

  1. I know several people who have hearing aids but hate to wear them because of the background noise. You’d think after all these years and with all the technology we have now they could figure out something more perfect.

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