Inspired by this pin of 40 days of organization, I created my own list, 30 days of organization.  I started at the end of November and I hope to finish the list before hubby returns from his underway.  Lots to do!


I began by going through the living room closet, which was stacked full of boxes that had yet to be unpacked. We’ve lived here for over 7 months now.  Do I really need to hang on to everything that’s been in boxes for that long?

Compared to a lot of people I know, I generally consider myself to be a minimalist.  I grew up around pack rats, was probably one myself at one point in time but moving around A LOT during my college years made me want to not have a lot of things.  My belongings fit into just a few boxes…and that’s where most of them tend to stay…

Until now!  It’s time to purge!

There’s been items sitting in the storage closet since we moved that I’ve been meaning to sell.  Can’t wait to dig them all out and see what I can get for them!

While it’s generally easy for me to get rid of things I don’t use, there are just some things I’m sure a lot of people have a hard time deciding whether to keep or get rid of.


Why is it so hard to get rid of things that have sentimental value yet go unused and hidden in boxes for years?

I have only a small collection of books and DVDs.  Most of them consist of my favorite movies and old textbooks I don’t want to part with.  I have the entire Gilmore Girls DVD collection.  I used to watch the whole season every year but it’s been over three years since I’ve watched it.  I love the show, but do I really need it?  How much money could I make from selling it?  It’s not available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or at my public library so it’s a little hard for me to let it go.

I also have a small I Spy book collection that I just can’t seem to part with.  I loved these books as a kid. Same with some other childhood favorites I just can’t seem to let go of.  They sit in a plastic storage bin with my yearbooks and get zero use.  So why do I keep them?

Have you ever thrown out your yearbooks?

I’m contemplating this because they never get used.  Do I really need to hang on to books filled with hundreds of pictures of people I don’t know?


We have about 4 different fans.  There’s one for sure I want to sell but there’s a window fan that I have a hard time parting with because of the “just in case” factor.  We’ve never used it.  Will we ever?

I started going through the storage closet and went through my box of winter/Christmas stuff.  I have two pairs of snow pants.  Why do I need two pairs of snow pants when I live somewhere that only gets a light dusting of snow during the winter?  Sure, I’d love to keep them for when I visit my family or somehow manage to afford to go skiing again, but do I really need two pairs?  One are just pants, great for skiing.  The other pair are overalls, great for playing in the snow.

Then I have 5 winter hats that I can’t seem to part with.  Three are kind of too big but two of those are Packer hats.  I don’t own a lot of Packer memorabilia and I’m not parting with those.  The other hat is one of those floppy ear hats and matches a scarf I have.

Why is it so hard to get rid of things you might  use…someday?

Do you have any tips for purging?  Any items you can’t ever seem to part with?



21 thoughts on “Purging

  1. I think I lack the sentimental bone everyone else has. I purge books, movies, and clothing like it’s nobody’s business! I gave all my movies away before I moved — we don’t have a TV anyways. I sold all my regular books, because I just use my Kindle. And I toss clothing like it is my job.

    Good luck with your 30 days of organization! Hope you can channel your inner ruthless self to help you purge 🙂

    • Haha, that’s how I usually am with other things but there’s just those few items that I feel guilty about getting rid of…damn sentimental bone! 🙂 Thanks…I’ll definitely need the luck. Seems like I’m just creating a bigger mess by organizing everything.

  2. I read a book called “Stuff” once that talked about why we hold on to things. One of the theories included the idea that our belongings represent fantasy selves we wish to become, as well as past identities we don’t want to give up yet. Personally I remember in school thinking that buying a book was the same as reading it (ha), and was quite a packrat for a while (8000lbs of stuff in a 1000 sq ft loft), but 2 cross country moves and a ruthless sister have helped me purge. Good luck!

  3. I love purging but yeah occasionally I have a hard time with something, like my Grandpa’s old newsboy hat. I will never wear it but for some reason that really reminds me of him and all my grandparents are gone now…so I feel like I should have ONE thing I can hang on to. I would never throw out my yearbooks though.

    • I’ll probably go through them and copy all the good stuff before I consider throwing them out. Yearbooks don’t have that much of a sentimental value to me as some other objects. They’ve just been hiding in a box for probably 10 years unused and I can’t justify keeping them around any longer.

  4. I’m totally with you on attaching sentimental value! I’m terrible for it and am such a pack rat! My sister (Kate from Downstairs and in Debt) and my hubby always tease me about it! It’s something I’m really trying to work on recently.

  5. I’ve been sorting through stuff at my house over the past couple of weeks. It’s amazing how much stuff two people can accumulate ugg. Keep the high school year books, they don’t take up much space and they will be funny to look at as you get older. I still have mine and they are a “flashback” everytime I pull them out.

    • But they’re so heavy! Haha, and they sit in a box in the back of the closet. I wouldn’t just throw them away without copying/keeping the pages that mean something…but to hold on to hundreds of pages of hundreds of people I don’t know seems kind of pointless to me.

    • It’s so hard to completely knock off some of this stuff in just one day when you’re busy. And some things are multi-day projects. I went through every single box in the storage closet. It’ll probably end up being 60 days of organization, with 30 things to do.

    • I have a nice piece of luggage that I’m contemplating selling but I do keep thinking, “ONE DAY I’ll need it.” Though I probably won’t ever use it. It’s too big for a carry on and it’s intended for a laptop so it wouldn’t get checked. But it’s nice and has a lot of pockets and has wheels. 🙂

      Maybe I won’t throw out my yearbooks, but I might pull out a couple hundred pages of people I never knew.

  6. Well done!.. I think this is so great.
    I kind of get a little bit of a “high” out of throwing things away.

    I love it.
    That said, there are few things that I can’t seem to bear to part with (baseball cards, old pictures)..
    I’m getting there, tho.

  7. A few days back, I did some purging of my own and had to part ways with some treasured items because of a family emergency. I sold the items to raise some money. The move cleared the space under the stairs and in others parts of the house and suddenly the air seemed fresher and there was a few bucks earned that helped augment the amount needed for hospital bill.

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