Thanksgiving Plans

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Are you doing any traveling?

I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and go volunteer at the animal shelter for a few hours.  Then I’ll come home and attempt to make a few Thanksgiving signature foods for myself…boxed mashed potatoes, canned gravy, boxed stuffing, frozen corn, a baked sweet potato, and maybe some small amount of turkey or ham and butternut squash, depending on what I can find it at the store.  I’ll stuff my face and watch the Packer game, then maybe watch this movie again:

Even if my husband were home, we probably wouldn’t be doing much for Thanksgiving.  I’ll spend time hanging out with my kitties, reading, and doing whatever else I feel like doing.  It’ll be like any other day. Though I’ll definitely be wishing I was eating some great family cooking instead of what I will prepare!

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!  Wishing you not so much family drama and safe travels for those who are hitting the road…or the air…or the rails!

Eat lots of pie for me!



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Plans

  1. I’m going to San Francisco! I’m so excited. I haven’t been there since I arrived there 2 years ago, to start my move to Portland. It’s my favorite city aside from NYC and feeling very grateful to spend 4 days with my honey. We have opposite schedules, so this is so nice. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the kitties. I used to volunteer on Thanksgiving, and it is a really nice feeling.

  2. I’m solo this Thanksgiving as well! I am going to try to get some traditional Thanksgiving dishes from Whole Foods and chow down while watching Netflix 🙂

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