Check Me Out

Holly @ Club Thrifty recently interviewed me about my student loans for an article she was writing over at Get Rich Slowly.  Check it out!  Student loans: Lessons learned, choosing a major, and overcoming regrets.

The comments are a mixed bag.   There will always be people who assume that just because I have student loans (and someone wrote about my story in an article) that I don’t take responsibility for my loans.  I may have been ignorant while I was a student but I now have a full grasp on my debt and accept my mistakes daily.  I’ll be paying my debts for many many years, several times over.  I try to help people make financially smart decisions to avoid a similar fate.  If that’s not taking responsibility, then I don’t know what is!  Unless someone wants to build me a time machine, this is my reality.  It may be a financial nightmare, but I’m doing whatever I can to turn it into my dream.


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