I’m Doing it All Wrong

I realized that I’m doing this blogging thing all wrong.  I’ve been writing each post, one at a time, as I go. I’ve been so busy with my jobs lately that I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like.  I didn’t get that trampoline park job, so I won’t be adding to the busyness by taking on a third job.

I have no schedule, no advance posts.  I do have about 34 drafts with only titles for future topic ideas.  I recently discovered that I can set dates/times for posts to be published.  I need to set a few hours aside to write advance posts and schedule when they’ll be published.  This seems so much easier than what I’ve been doing!

Fellow bloggers, do you write/publish on a whim or do you plan out your posts?  Any tips welcome!

Hubby’s deployment was cancelled.  While I’m happy about that, we had a bit of an argument about sharing the car.  He wasn’t willing to spend a few extra hours on the ship once or twice a week so I could work an hour or two later than his normal pick up time.  He was, however, willing to sacrifice a couple hours if he had a $2,500 gaming laptop which he purchased with a new credit card he opened.  Originally the card was to be used to build his credit.  He would only use it for budgeted items that we could pay off right away and utilize the rewards program.  Not thrilled at all.  We won’t be able to pay ahead on the car loan now.  I really hope my husband is willing to cut his spending on dining out, energy drink consumption and junk food so we can pay this down as quickly as possible.  I’ll probably throw our whole $380 savings (EF) at this card now, joy.   My paychecks will likely go mostly towards paying off these stupid credit cards instead of all to my student loans.  Grr!

16 thoughts on “I’m Doing it All Wrong

  1. I hardly ever have anything pre-written, but I know a lot of bloggers do. I’m more of a procrastinator, I like to write on the fly :).

    $2,500? Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a laptop that costs that much. What is a gaming laptop? Is it just faster than normal computers?

    • I’m more of procrastinator too, but I don’t want to be! 🙂

      It is definitely a gaming laptop. Better graphics and processing power. It’s ridiculously unnecessary…especially having to pay interest on it! >_<

  2. I just post it when I have time or ideas to write. It is a good idea to sometimes write them in advance and schedule a posting time, but for right now, I just post them as I write them.
    I would’ve had a fight with my hubby if he made that kind of a purchase. Is he now willing to cut other things out and work this out? Does he know that this was not cool to do on his own?

    • It pretty much came down to the laptop or I don’t get to work the afternoon job. :/ I don’t know what he’s thinking right now, or willing to do, but we’ll definitely be having a conversation about it.

  3. I do a little bit a both, probably more of the “wrong” way like you say. Some days I’ll just be tired from work or something and other days I’ll just go ahead and write an entire post in 30 mins, go back and proofread/edit a little bit later. Lately I have been trying to stockpile posts for the week and plan things out more – so we’ll see how that goes.

    Sorry to hear about the extremely expensive gaming laptop, that doesn’t seem fair that he had to have that just so you could do this. Is there any other arrangement you can work out? Biking some days or public transit? I know you said it was tough in a previous post. Sitting around for a few hours doing nothing would suck, but it would be mutually beneficial to both of you. Is there anyplace nearby his work he can go and bring his *old* laptop with him to get free wifi in the meantime so he wouldn’t be bored? I’m somewhat of a gamer myself so I do understand the high cost is “necessary” for a quality gaming laptop – not sure if it’s too late or if the laptop part is necessary but you could look into building a desktop PC for gaming. It will be half the cost and probably under $1000 for an even more powerful system.

    • I need the car for both of my jobs. The morning job requires going to peoples houses to clean. The afternoon job sometimes requires running errands for the family I work for. He is not willing to take public transportation or car pool. It’s just one or two days a week that I want to work until 6pm and he’s usually done with work sometime between 4 and 5pm. Without this laptop, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice 1-4 hours a week of his time. We got into a pretty big fight about the whole situation. His job takes presidence over mine and I guess so does his free time (but I do understand he works long, hard days). While his income supports me, he does not contribute to my student loan payoff. My plan has always been to use 100% of my income (when I finally got a job) to pay on my student loans. When I even suggested he wait on base for a few hours a week he said I should start making payments on the car loan in a snarky manner. He doesn’t seem to understand or care how important it is for me to pay off my student loans. He doesn’t have an old laptop but there are places on base with free wifi, hence the need for this new laptop. He already ordered it despite his already decent gaming desktop setup at home. Meh. :/

  4. You are not “doing it wrong!”
    I usually write my posts the day before. There is nothing wrong with that. It is helpful to have a few backup posts, though, just in case you get busy and can’t come up with something for some reason.

    • I definitely need to have some backup posts. There’s days that I don’t even turn my computer on now that I’m keeping busy and it’d be nice to either have those posts scheduled to post on their own or be able to publish them from the wordpress app on my phone.

  5. I am in the same boat as you. I figured this out a few months ago. I knew I should write posts in advanced….I also have a lot of ideas for posts, but not fleshed out. I am also sort of OCD and can’t imagine something auto posting my stuff, which is why I don’t use social media tools that do the same thing. Hopefully I can learn to let go a little and get ahead!

  6. It depends … I sometimes have articles prepared, sometimes I write them that same day. I do keep a topic schedule (monday I write about x topic, tuesday about y topic etc.) and a list of ideas/drafts, so that it’s easier to start writing.

  7. I hate the days when I am on “writer’s block” mode but it happens, yes? When I am in the mood to write and the time permits it, I write several topics and articles in advance. But don’t look at it like you are doing it wrong. Whatever works for you is how I see it.

    • That’s how I want to be doing it! If I don’t have some written out in advance once my cleaning job picks up the hours, I’ll wind up posting less and less and am afraid I’d abandon the blog altogether…I don’t want that!

  8. It might just be because it’s the way I do it but I definintely don’t think writing and posting is the “wrong” way to blog. I ask myself sometimes where all of these “rules” came from. When I first heard about blogs (way back in the early part of this century LOL) I had no clue what they were and went and looked them up. Ah, okay, it’s a web-log or online diary of sorts. That made sense to me and also made be think that maybe, for the first time ever, I’d keep a diary for more than just a week or two. To be completely honest, planning posts ahead of time, writing and scheduling posts ahead of time, well, it just seems a bit contrived to me. Fine for professional (by which I mean business) blogs who have a requirement to post x amount of content per day or week but not at all what personal blogging is supposed to be about. That’s not to say that I don’t have a heap of draft posts, like you some nothing more than a title but that’s because sometimes I want to write something a bit more in-depth, want to even do some research on a topic or something. Once I’ve finished actually writing I publish though. My blog is all about me having a space to write about my life, though, it could be different for other people.

    As for the laptop, I would be absolutely furious. I haven’t been here for a while but I remember similar things from before (a night out where he spent 1,000+ or something and things like that). Honestly, he needs to just grow up and man up to the reality of his life. Really, I am sitting here just absolutely fuming on your behalf because of his entirely selfish behaviour (and no, working long hard days does not in the least entitle him to this level of selfishness, in my opinion!). I would definintely say that on no account should you dig in to your EF to pay off his debt and on no account should you divert your earnings from your original intention. You pay of your loans and let him worry about his debt. It sucks that he will, by all accounts, actually end up totally screwing up his credit rating rather than the credit card improving it/building it up and that will naturally have an impact on you, too. But if you keep on enabling him, he will keep on totally taking the piss!

  9. Maybe it’s not the wrong way per se, but it’s the wrong way for me; It’s not working. If I only have one day off in the week and my creative juices start flowing, it makes sense (to me) to keep writing after the initial post if I have it in me. I don’t need to publish more than one post a day, so I can schedule the publishing date for later in the week.

    We had a big fight about the whole situation. The laptop was basically his ultimatum; The only way I could work my afternoon job. I didn’t agree that the gazillion dollar laptop was a good idea, he wasn’t willing to get a cheaper one, nor go without one if he had to spend extra hours on base during the week.. He never asked if it was ok to get it, he just bought it. He’s a grown man and can make his own (stupid) decisions. I’m not sure how I was supposed to stop it, as far as enabling him goes. And you’re absolutely right about sticking with my original plan of using my income to pay off my student loans! He can pay for his own debt!

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