October Recap

Based on my grading scale, I give our October budget a big, fat F, at 65%.


Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, and Netflix are the same every month.

Expected Expenses (Electric Bill, Cell Phones, Renter’s Insurance) – As expected.

Gas – I upped our budget from $100 to $120.  We spent $119.

Car Stuff –  $110 for maintenance.  Wasn’t expecting it to be that much.

Prescriptions – $8 for one prescription, budgeted $30.

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – I didn’t have a lot of bills this month but I expect to exceed the $200 budget next month.  Hubby had a $58 eye exam at the NEX (probably could have gotten it for free if he’d gone to the medical branch on base).

Groceries – Way over budget this month.  We spent $514!

Dining Out – Budgeted $25, spent $124!!  Hubby’s gotten into the habit of walking to the nearby McDonald’s after work.

Energy Drinks – $87, below budget.  Hubby’s been drinking more Powerade and juice, which goes into the grocery category.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – All under budget!

Pet Expenses – On budget.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – I budgeted $25 for miscellaneous expenses, spent $375!  We bought a new iron, a bunch of Halloween candy and I have no idea where the rest of it went.  $140 was a cash withdrawal that have absolutely no recollection of.

I did a horrible job keeping up with our expenses this month.  I usually save receipts so I know exactly what was purchased but I’ve just been tossing them out lately.  Groceries, dining out, and miscellaneous expenses/splurges were pretty bad this month.

Did you over-spend at all in October?  How did you do overall on your budgeting?


Much like our budget grade, I failed majorly on sticking with my goals!

  • Meal plan every week!  FAIL!  This is probably why we spent so much on groceries!
  • Consume at least one serving of fruit each day.  Juicing and smoothies count!  MAJOR FAIL!  I didn’t even try.
  • Don’t waste any fresh produce!  FAIL!  I bought some spinach and didn’t even touch it.  Bad Kasey!
  • Prepare snack-sized portions and (freezer) meals ahead of time.  FAIL!  Did not even attempt!
  • Track my calories.  FAIL! 
  • Limit myself to one piece of dark chocolate a day.  FAIL!  I did go a couple days without any chocolate but I couldn’t hold myself back the other days!
  • Limit myself to less than 1/2 cup of ice cream a day.  PASS!
  • Start taking vitamins/supplements DAILY!  FAIL!
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day (wear sunblock!)  FAIL!
  • Meditate for 2 minutes a day.  FAIL!
  • Play a brain game at least once a day.  (Supposed to help with a  bad memory)  FAIL!
  • Get a job or start making income somehow!  PASS and PASS!  I have two jobs and an interview later today for a third!  I also made $20 sewing a patch onto a dress blues uniform!  w00t!

I’m going to try to slim my goals for this month in hopes of being able to stick with them.

  • Meal plan!
  • Don’t waste fresh produce!
  • Prepare snack-sized portions and (freezer) meals ahead of time.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes each day.
  • Play a brain game at least once a day.

What are some of your goals for November?


10 thoughts on “October Recap

  1. I have never made monthly goals before, but I thought for November I would actually give it a try. Here they are . . .

    – participate in a 14 day meditation challenge (you are emailed a different meditation everyday for 14 days, each one being about 15 minutes) I’m thinking this shouldn’t be too difficult as I recently started meditating most nights (who knows if I am “doing it right” though)
    – Finish a book I started last year ( I don’t read as much as I’d like and I would finally like to get this book finished. I figured out I need to read 15 pages a day in order to finish the book on Nov. 30th)
    – I found an article in a magazine that had a group of exercises that takes about 10 minutes to do. I hope to do these 3 days a week.
    – Continue with and finish the 30 day Yoga challenge videos (similar to the meditation challenge above I was emailed a yoga video a day for 30 days. I failed at doing it in the 30 days but I am committed to finished them all anyways. I currently have 12 videos left.
    – Figure out who I’m buying Christmas presents for and then what I’m buying them (and then actually start buying them)
    – I’ve recently bought some books online about anxiety that have practical exercises in them and so I hope to do at least 1 exercise this month.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how I do! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Morgan! Sounds like a good bunch of goals; Good luck on sticking to them! I have a hard time finishing books too, especially now that I’m so busy. Let me know how you like the anxiety books, those are things I might be interested in reading at some point!

  2. Whoa, your dining out budget was like multiplied by 5, correct? If only we could wish there’s less McDonald’s restaurants. 🙂

  3. Right now to just try not go over budget like we did on October. Truth be told we won’t have some of these expenses for 12 months, so we should be doing well.

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