Sharing Is Caring

I’d like to share with you all a free museum day at thousands of museums on September 28th!   Click the link or image to see if there are any participating museums near you!


I’m going to post something here in hopes that my readers will help pay it forward.

Sky’s gofundme image.

This is Sky Tischler.  Her tear-jerking video about her student loans even made it on CNN live (click for transcript).  Sallie Mae basically offered her a settlement on her loans that she can’t afford and she’s attempting to crowdfund in order to get her life back from Sallie Mae’s chains.  Her deadline is the end of September.  I know I can’t really afford to donate myself, but I managed to scrounge up $10.  I honestly believe Sky is a person who will pay it back one day.  She wants to open a non-profit to help other people struggling in default on their student loans.  I hope you’ll help, whether you donate or not is up to you, but please at least share her story/page and help her find some wonderful individuals willing to help her out.

Thank you!

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