August Budget Update


Hello September!  Hope you all have a very nice and long Labor Day weekend!

Hubby was gone on an underway during August and while we managed to stay under budget in most categories, there were a few that went a little over the top.

Based on my grading scale, I give our August budget an 84% or a B.

Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, internet, and Netflix are the same every month.

Expected Expenses (Electric Bill, Cell Phones, Renter’s Insurance) – Still haven’t received another bill for renter’s insurance.  Electric was about $20 more than the $90 I budgeted for.  Our cell phone bill was normal for this month despite buying a new smart phone.  That bill will be added onto next month’s budget and it will be A LOT!  My old HTC (Has To Charge) Thunderbolt couldn’t last 10 minutes without being charged and I was just fed up with it.

Gas – Right on the $100 budget.

Car Stuff –  Property tax on the new car was due this month.  I also got a bill for Chesapeake property tax for the 2 months my old car was in Chesapeake…and I have to pay a full year worth of licensing fees whereas Norfolk was able to reimburse me so I only paid for 6 months.  Ho hum!

Prescriptions – For some reason, my normally $45 prescription only costed $7.  Can’t explain that one.

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – I budgeted $90 for medical bills but paid $403 !!!  Ouch!  These are from all the doctors I saw back in June and July plus lots of labs and xrays.  Ugh!

Groceries – Hubby was gone for two weeks so I only budgeted $250 for the month.  I ended up spending $223

Dining Out – For the short time hubby was here, he made a lot of runs to the NEX for lunch.  I budgeted $25 but we spent $128 dining out.

Energy Drinks – $100, on budget.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – Hubby was on budget with games but we didn’t spend any of our slush funds nor anything for electronics!

Pet Expenses – Spent $44 out of the budgeted $65.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – I budgeted $25 for miscellaneous expenses but spent $57.  I honestly don’t remember on what!

Overall, it wasn’t a bad month.  Those medical bills are killing me though!  Yuck!  For September, our cell phone bill will be killing us and we’ll have to do some trimming of the budget for the first half of September.

Did you over-spend at all in August?  How did you do overall on your budgeting?


2 thoughts on “August Budget Update

  1. Not bad at all! My husband would love you forever with a $100 energy drink budget, I tend to be a bit of a hardass with energy drinks and snacks. Oops!

    I need to start putting my (currently non-existent) budget on my blog. Awesome way to hold yourself accountable.

    • My husband’s the only one with solid income so I can’t completely dictate how he spends it. 🙂 He’s willing to work with a $100 energy drink budget. If I had it my way, he could drink more free water!

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