Wishful Wednesday

So last week I talked a bit about getting ice breaker gifts for the wish kid and his two sisters.  There is a $20 maximum on the ice breaker gifts and Make-A-Wish will reimburse me if I want.  They encourage wish granters to seek out donations so that will be an adventure for the future!  The other wish granter made baseball cupcakes for the wish kid and I ended up getting his sisters some neat stuff.

icebreakerThe USB flash drive was for the older sister and the cute monster pouch and awesome swirled colored pencils were for the youngest one.  Too bad neither of them were at the interview!

Monday was the day of the interview and I met the other wish granter, Kasey, beforehand.  She is also a brain tumor survivor!  It’s crazy and awesome.  Not the same type of cancer but a close coincidence nonetheless!

The interview process was pretty easy.  I helped the mother with the paperwork while the other Kasey interviewed the wish kid.  I think I’d be more nervous about interviewing the wish kid than parents in the future!  And I was surprised to hear that such a huge baseball fan wound up wishing for a Disney Cruise!

Now it’s up to Make-A-Wish to approve and plan the wish.  After they do that, Kasey and I are supposed to give the wish kid occasional wish enhancements leading up to the wish (something like a countdown/calendar) and then throw them a send-off party before the wish.

I guess in the past, wish granters only interviewed the families and took no part in the wishes.  It’ll definitely be fun and interesting planning for send offs.  Some wishes, like shopping sprees, are completely planned by the wish granters!  How fun will that be?!

What are you wishing for?

I had high hopes of landing a job this week.  The lady I was communicating with through email said I’d be a good fit for her cleaning business but she’s failed to call me as she said she would and I guess is no longer replying to my emails.  Wish me luck that something pulls through soon!


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