Wishful Wednesday

My first wish granter interview happens in 5 days!  Eek!  I’m supposed to get an ice breaker gift for the wish child.  Any ideas what to get an 11 year old boy who likes sports?  I don’t have much detail about what sports he likes or what teams he likes so I have no clue what to get!  Baseball cards perhaps?

*update:  The other wish granter is going to make baseball cupcakes for the ice breaker gift but I still need to get something for his sisters, age 16 and 8.  Any pointers would be nice!  Do 8 year olds still play with barbies?

I think I’ll make a point of sharing a wish video each Wednesday.  Here’s an 8 year old who had the same type of cancer as I did, close to the same age as I was when I had it and I also had an interest in meteorology back then.  I wish I would have been more creative with my wish!

What are you wishing for right now?

I just wish I had a job!


5 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

  1. I really like the Wishful Wednesday concept. Personally, I wish that my blog would pick up and I can make enough money to marry this beautiful woman that somehow agreed to take my hand. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Josh! I hear you on the blog aspect. I’m still working towards making money from it. I hope you get your wish soon! My husband and I got married for $65 and it could have been even less if I didn’t buy a white dress for $30!

  2. I love this idea! And the video was very inspiring! Right now I’m wishing for good weather for this weekend. I’m going mini golfing with my grandparents on Saturday!

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