I Still Don’t Have a Job

I started blogging back in December of 2012.  I was jobless then and I’m jobless now.  It makes paying off debt kind of difficult.

I do make an effort to find a job but the hunt is nothing short of frustrating and I have to admit I give up sometimes.

First I have to comb through hundreds of job listings to find ones that I qualify for but then I get to the requirements and I feel like I need to be able to rub my belly, pat my head, and say the alphabet in reverse (all while jumping through a tire course on one foot) in order to fulfill their stupid requirements.

One year of full-time experience for a part-time, barely above minimum wage job?

3-5 years of experience for an entry level job?

It pisses me off to no end.  Based on the job descriptions, I can do the work.  I’m a hard worker, I catch on quickly and require minimal training for something I’ve done in the past, yet I lack experience or failed to work in a full-time environment.

I’m completely giving up on online applications at my city’s .gov website and I will no longer fill out online applications that require you to do an assessment.  These applications end up sitting a pool of thousands of other applicants for months.  I’ve applied for the same library position on my city’s .gov job site 4 times since this time last year and all of my applications are still in the “reviewing applications” status!

These aren’t even for jobs in my field!  It’s so frustrating!

Then I have this degree that makes me look over-qualified for applying for minimum wage positions at the grocery store across from my apartment complex.  I was in this situation in 2010 and didn’t find a job until I removed my degree from my resume.  I guess this is the route I have to take again?

The words of a friend are resonating with me this morning…

“I guess you’ll either have to lie or not get a job.”

I’ve been trying to find side hustles (baby sitting, pet sitting, house cleaning, etc.) but I haven’t had much luck (again, frustrating).

Anyone looking for a virtual assistant?  Have you ever had to lie or withhold information to find a job?


15 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Have a Job

  1. Well, I really appreciate your honesty here. Job searching can really be tough. However, this is one thing that’s worked for me. I applied for anything, even if I don’t qualify for the position. Sometimes, the bar is set so high to weed out the failures but reality is, businesses are often willing to hire under-qualified candidates if they seem to be smart, able to learn and eager to work. I’d say, apply for everything you can. Stay away from the long questionnaire when it comes to online apps though…you’re right, they’re a waste of time! I find it best to call everyone that’s posted an ad in craigslist that day. Don’t think about jobs you don’t want to do, just try to get a job and move forward from there. I’m not currently looking for a VA, sorry. But, I’m sure luck will come your way soon!

    • Thank you Joshua! I do apply despite not meeting the qualifications. Hopefully something gives soon! I recently heard that tip about calling the same day a job is posted so I’m going to try that out!

  2. Sadly, I know just what you’re talking about. When I was looking for my first job, even a min-wage/commission crummy sales job required experience. But nobody was willing to give you it!

    I would advise against lying. Info can be found out, and a negative discharge can be as detrimental as no experience. Especially if you’re at the local level, things can travel fast and you could be disqualified by word of mouth alone. You’d be surprised how many small and big businesses talk to each other.

    I am not sure what field you’re looking in, but different areas have different recruiting methods. Have you tried a temp agency?

    • The last time I went to a temp agency they basically turned me away because of my degree. They said they help people mostly find temporary, part-time work. They didn’t seem to understand I just wanted a job of any kind. I’m not sure what to do about my resume. I don’t like lying but I’ve had people tell me it was no big deal to withhold information from a resume/application.

  3. I completely understand. I have a job, but I’ve been trying to find something else. I found a lot within my field, but most require degrees over experience. Or I’ll look into other fields and find things like “social media manager” for $8 an hour that requires a 4 year degree. Whhaaattt??? Some of the requirements are off the wall and don’t align with the position and pay if you ask me! Very frustrating.

  4. I think it might help to go and apply for jobs in person, such as at the grocery store across the street. Another possibility is to try networking. I know someone who was out of a job and he made his job finding the next job. He literally called every single person he knew and asked each of them to pass along some of their contacts to him. He then called those people asking about jobs, contacts, etc. It took a few months, but he ended up getting 3 or 4 very lucrative high paying offers! It was truly amazing to watch. It wasn’t easy to call up people he didn’t even know and ask for help, but so many people were willing to share their contacts, knowledge, etc. I am not unemployed, thank goodness, but if I was, I’d try to get myself to try this guy’s approach. Hope this helps!

    • The grocery store tells you to use the kiosk to apply online. Most places do only online applications these days. I’ve tried networking. It doesn’t help when I’m in a new area and only know a few people.

  5. I’m sorry it’s been so hard. I can’t find work in my field but I have one client who consistently comes back to me, and I’ve changed my mindset so that I’m creating my own freelance opportunities. I’m making side income happen. I just found the traditional route of job searching too tough.

    • I haven’t had much luck with side income. I’ve been trying to get in to baby/pet sitting and house cleaning but it seems everyone else is too! I’m still struggling to get back into the arts when I spend hours a day job searching and applying. It doesn’t make sense to look for jobs in my field of study when I still don’t have a portfolio website but I’m waiting on that until I actually get around to updating my portfolio.

  6. Are you applying for these jobs that required a years experience at all? I applied to jobs where I didn’t ‘quite literally’ qualify, but if you have the skills and seem very interested and a dedicated individual, they’ll give you a shot. I’d say at least start networking in that way — it can’t hurt! Don’t ignore any job posting if you feel you can do the job, despite the preset requirement — which often times aren’t that strict. Be honest in applications saying you have X amount of real-world experience, but X skills and accomplishments in contrast. Best of luck!

    • Yep, I apply anyway. It’s just extra frustration that at the end of the .gov city application it asks yes or no questions about the requirements. “Have you had one year of full-time experience” (for a part-time, minimum wage job) and I answer no. I have to imagine that they won’t even review my application when there will be others that do meet the requirements. It’s hard to make a generic application stand out online. I hate that most places these days no longer accept paper applications or allow cover letters.

  7. I’m not sure how it is for the Navy but I know that the Army holds job/career fairs all the time on post. They also usually have an employment readiness program to help spouses get jobs. Also, if you are looking for any type of job maybe the BEX or commissary? Also, try another temp agency. I’m an army wife and I got my job through a temp agency. Tell them you are willing to take anything provided you can make the requirements (i.e. weight if you need to lift things). Look for secretarial work or have you thought of working from home? I know a lot of wives work from home for different companies. I know you probably want to work out of the home but hey…it’s an income and it might be a start. As one of the commenters above said-Network! Go on facebook and join a Wives of ____ (whichever base your at) group. I can guarantee you that one probably exists. Those type of fb pages constantly have people asking to make friends, ask for jobs, and in general is a great resource. And hey…maybe you can meet some people that way. I think you said you went to school for animation (if I’m wrong sorry) but if you are able to draw/paint as well ( no assumptions here 🙂 ) have you thought about opening up an Etsy store and selling what you make? Hope some of these ideas help- I love reading your blog and its nice to see another military wife serious about her finances and trying to get out of debt. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading Lauren. I haven’t heard of any job fairs on base but I do visit the employment office at the fleet and family support center. They referred me mostly to government job search engines, which I’ve been having the most troubles with. I have applied at the NEX before and no current job openings there. I thought about being a bagger at the commissary but they are paid in tips only and I don’t think I could haul carts outside during the hot/humid summer months. I haven’t tried a temp agency in a couple years because the last one I went to turned me away. I may look into it again. I’ve looked for just about any kind of jobs, including ones that are work from home. I am trying to get into baby/pet sitting, housecleaning, virtual assistance, anything really, with no luck yet.
      I did go to school for animation and can draw and make creative things but I’m still working on finding the passion in that again. For years I’ve tied that creative side to my massive student loan debt and being the biggest mistake of my life. It’s definitely something I am considering doing in the future once I can lose the anxiety associated with drawing/animation/etc. Thanks for your great ideas!

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