Wishful Wednesday

The day after my first Wishful Wednesday post I got the opportunity to sign up to be a wish granter for a local wish kid!

Each wish family gets assigned two wish granters (usually the first two people to sign up for it).  There’s something truly special about the way the stars aligned for my first wish!


The volunteer manager sent a confirmation email and forever dubbed this “The “Kasey” wish.”  The other wish granter happens to also be a Kasey, with a K no less!  It doesn’t end there!  The wish mom is also Kasey! Totally not planned!  But fricken AWESOME!

Our interview with the wish kid is scheduled for the 26th.  I’m both excited and nervous!

So far, all I know is that the wish kid is an 11 year old boy who likes sports.  And because I’m a huge Packer fan, here’s a video of a teenage girl who wished to meet some of the Packers.


And just because it’s Wishful Wednesday, I wish I had, right now, this cat cabinet thingy.  My cats (my carpet) are badly in need of a cat tower.  I would probably cover the long side with carpet for them to scratch on as well.

If you could wish for anything what would it be?


3 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday

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