July Budget Update


Since I knew I was going to be gone for half of the month, I didn’t bother really trying to stick to a budget or take out cash for certain things.  I figured, with me gone, my husband wouldn’t spend much.

Based on my grading scale, I give ourselves 83%, a C+

Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, internet, same every month.

Expected Expenses (Electric Bill, Cell Phones, Renter’s Insurance) – Still haven’t received another bill for renter’s insurance.  Electric was $90 this month, budgeted for that.  I usually get an email letting me know how much next month’s bill is going to be.  It makes it really easy to budget for it!

Gas – Spent $99 of the budgeted $100!

Car Stuff –  I got that $27 refund for jumping the gun on renewing registration for my old car just before it died.  I also got $10 back from paying property taxes on it.  Unfortunately we have property tax on the new car due in August.

Prescriptions – Spent nothing on prescriptions!

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – I budgeted $90 for co-payments but paid only $53.

Groceries – Since I knew I would be gone half the month, I budgeted only $250 for July.  We spent $128 on groceries.

Dining Out – I budgeted $25 but I took my mom out to dinner one night and my husband went out to eat twice.  We spent $74 in total.

Energy Drinks – I didn’t take out any cash this month for him to use.  He frequented the NEX a lot but since I’m not going to review every receipt, I’m just going to assume every NEX purchase was for energy drinks and he spent $193 out of the budgeted $100.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – I didn’t spend any of my slush fund.  We spent nothing on electronics, $60/$100 for games and hubby spent $285 out of his $100 slush fund on a night out with the boys while I was gone.

Pet Expenses – Spent $70 out of the budgeted $65.  I needed to buy a new feeding/treat toy for Thor.  It got to the point where he was vomiting every day because he would eat too fast.  This also included new scratching pads.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – Hubby was adamant about me getting some Wisconsin cheese to send out to his cousin in California, that was $15.  I also budgeted $25 for miscellaneous expenses and ended up spending $61 on some household items.

We didn’t do too bad with the budget overall.  I was really hoping we could do better though.  I managed to spend only $40 on my entire two week trip.  I’m kind of disappointed with the 9 separate trips hubby made to the NEX while I was gone and then his two ATM withdrawals ($185) for his night out.  I guess I need to go back to cash with him!

Bring it on, August!

10 thoughts on “July Budget Update

    • Thanks! My husband drinks nothing but energy drinks! I’ve budgeted $100 for him to spend on them and that’s still A LOT! I failed to give him cash to use for those purchases in July so it was easy for him to go over. He has to be so dehydrated! I try to get him to drink more water but it only happens when he has a headache or his $100 cash runs out. :/

  1. Thats a low grade considering how well the budget went. If it wasn’t the NEX and your husband taking out the money if would have been a pretty great budget month. B- at least sounds better. Good luck next month! We are still adjusting to all the mouths to feed in the house and everyone being home for the summer. That causes electric bill to be higher then usual.

    • I use a point system to grade our budget. The husband’s spending really brought it down. I need to try a new approach with him, in addition to getting him cash for his energy drinks. August should be a good month for the budget as he’ll be gone on a two week underway.

  2. It seems like you’re spending your money pretty wisely. I’m new to your blog, and by the way, I love the “Get Me Outta here” worm. Is that a wordpress plugin?

    • Welcome Troy! I’m pretty good at sticking to my own budget but it’s tough when you’re husband is a big spender 🙂

      The worm comes with the WP theme I use. It should be a plugin though!

  3. It looks like you did well for July! Spending $75 dining out is awesome!! That’s waaay less than what I can do at any given month. I think as long as you acknowledge where there is room for improvement, you are off to a good start for the next month! Keep it up!

    • $75 is a lot for my husband and I. We usually go out to eat at a sit-down restaurant maybe three times a year! Fast food is slightly more often but it’s cheaper…I guess it’s easy to go beyond the $25 budget when your husband insists on buying food for his buddies!

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