I’m Back!

I got back Wednesday night but I’ve been taking it easy, getting a little R&R to rest my swollen feet before I start getting motivated again.

Overall, my trip was fun and relaxing, mostly stress-free and filled with the occasional family drama and good laughs.  I had a great time and ate great food.  The only downsides to my trip was sunburn and the rash I developed, which looked more like goosebumps all over my face, neck and arms.  We suspect it was from the dollar store Febreze my mom sprayed on the couch and pillows I slept on.  The sunburn was definitely the worst.  I’ve never had swelling as a reaction to sunburn before, so it must have been bad.  It still burns a little but my feet are no longer swollen, after 4 days.  I had to skip animal care center volunteering Thursday and Friday because it hurt to try to squeeze my shoes on my fat feet.


The night of the burn, swelling two days later.


It was fun getting a little creative again!

Pictionary was one of the games played at my cousin’s birthday party.  It was fun and hilarious, really got my creative juices flowing.  I’m not usually good at fast thinking/blurting out random thoughts but it was good practice, both for drawing and spontaneity/extroversion.  I’m hoping to find an online version, even if it’s just to give me motivation to do some gesture drawing.

I made my first watermelon basket.  It was actually pretty easy and turned out nice!  The hardest part was scooping out the watermelon, lots of fun and I hope to try making a shark watermelon basket next year!  I also made a gift box out of a cereal box to hold the fishing lures for my cousin’s birthday present, very simple.


My mom and I made some Yooper pasties (past-ees), my first attempt has my name, KC, on it.

Going to Lake Superior is one of the main attractions on these trips to visit my family.  We went one day with a bunch of family and it was cold and windy.  I wrapped up in a blanket and sat in a chair by the fire the whole time.  My mom and I went out again a few days later and I expected it to be cold.  It was actually the most perfect day at the lake I can ever remember!  It’s usually either too hot or too cold.  It was perfect, except for the part about me forgetting to put sunblock on my feet/ankles after I rolled up my pants.  We spent 3-4 hours looking for agates and found some other interesting rocks.  I can’t wait to go back next year and see all the rocks my mom polished!


Perfect day at Little Girl’s Point


Looking for agates


All the rocks we took home that day.  Agates, beach glass, fossils, and other interesting-looking ones.


Cat’s eye and alien head rocks?


A few of the good agates


My two favorite agates up close

I’m giving my feet one last day to rest, as I don’t want the swelling to return.  Starting tomorrow, Sunday, I need to get busy and get the wheels rolling again on my debt payoff!  I sleep so easily and peacefully when my days are full of activities!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Love the Watermelon basket! I’ve had several people show me how to do it….but I suck at things like that. LOL. I’ll leave the creative stuff to my wife. It’s such a great looking, yet inexpensive way to serve fruit, though…nice work!

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