Another Boring Health Update

I’m honestly hoping that if I complain about this here I will finally get some results…

It’s been over two weeks since I turned in my latest urine samples for Cushing’s screening and I’m still waiting to hear from my doctor.  The results have been in for a while but my doctor is too busy to review them.  I’m hoping this means she’s not too concerned and that it’s not Cushing’s.  And then I can say, “It’s not a toomah!” (Haha, the kid at 0:03 looks like a young Aaron Rodgers!)  But with heightened cortisol levels, it’s extremely difficult not to worry.  This prolonged stress is not good for the body!  I’m ready to do whatever I can to get my cortisol levels back to normal!

My skin has been freakishly hot to touch lately and it makes sleeping for more than 2 or 3 hours impossible. I usually don’t remember my dreams but they’ve been rather vivid lately, nightmare-ish.  Last night I woke up thinking someone was breaking into our apartment and, at any moment, would enter our bedroom to kill us.  Despite being ridiculously tired and half asleep, I kept my eyes peeled on the door for who knows how long.  I would slowly drift back to sleep only to wake up again with the same feeling, gotta keep my eyes open!

With my crappy sleeping patterns, it’s no wonder I’m always tired and lacking energy, but sometimes I feel shaky and weak to top it off.  I’m still flipping out about little things that really shouldn’t stress anyone out. After the stress response subsides I often teeter on the edge of depression…beating myself up for reacting the way I do.  It’s extremely frustrating not being able to control your own emotions.

I had myself a good cry fest last night.  If I can get stressed over little things, imagine what happens when someone you love has a few choice words for you.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never  do hurt me…especially when my cortisol levels are high!

I’ll spare you of all the drama and details but you gotta love having a dysfunctional family!

8 Days until my 2013 Yooper Vacation!  It’s my time to relax and have fun, and I’m not going to let this incident impede on it!

14 thoughts on “Another Boring Health Update

  1. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with health issues right now, and the stresses they bring into your life. I sincerely hope you get some good news (and good luck) soon.

    • Thanks! It’s extremely stressful knowing that they have the results but can’t tell me until my doctor looks at them. I guess I’ll have to give them another call on Thursday!

  2. Did you say that you already ruled out hyperthyroidism? I ask because of the heat intolerance and anxiety. I was told that with low cortisol, the thyroid can slow to somehow compensate, so maybe it goes both directions? Just a thought.. Anyway, I hope you find relief soon!

    • I have hypothyroidism, managed for years and my levels were normal, just elevated cortisol. Actually I’ve been told I have hypopituitarism, basically an under-active pituitary so high levels of cortisol are weird, which is why I’m so worried that it’s being secreted from a tumor, the most often cause of Cushing’s. Relief, answers, definitely getting sick of the waiting game!

  3. Thats tough to not be able to sleep and anxiety is no help. You got the results but when to you find out what they are? They usually make you come in to get them right? Hopefully the vacation brings some peace and happiness and dont worry you are the only one in a dysfunctional family situation I think we’ve all had a few just try not to stress out.

    • My doctors office will call me after my doctor reviews my results. Who knows when that will be. They’ve had the results for 2 weeks now but can’t tell me what they say without my doctor’s review.

  4. 2 weeks and no call. You can bet I’d be calling them daily (and showing up in the office) to harass the MD to read them for me. That’s not OK. You have a right to know what’s going on with your health and you shouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks, sitting with all that stress and anxiety. Call and yell, if you can’t, have someone else call and yell for you!

    • I have been calling and they keep telling me the same thing…”the results just came in and your doctor should be reviewing them in the next few days.” The results were in two weeks ago but they keep emphasizing the JUST part. The office is out of my way, it’d be a waste of gas. At this point, “a few days” will be when I’m on my trip so I’m just going to try to relax and forget about it for now. :/

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