Wishful Thinking

My Disney World wish granted 18 years ago

I attended a 6 hour long Make-A-Wish wish granter training session on Saturday.  I never realized just how involved a wish granter gets in the process of granting some of the wishes.  I figured they were just part of the interviewing process, relayed the info to Make-A-Wish and then when the wish was planned, the info was sent back to the granter who gave the tickets or wish item to the kid.  Unless it’s a Disney wish, I’ll pretty much be doing most of the planning.  I could probably start adding event planner to my resume once I get some hands on wish granter experience!  I know it will be very rewarding and I can’t wait to get started!

The lady running the training session mentioned how they were hiring new positions after changing things up a bit and that really got me thinking wishing.  If I could some how manage to become a star wish granter (lose the shyness and pessimism and become more outgoing and positive), maybe some day I could work for a non-profit as wonderful as Make-A-Wish?  If so, I could probably qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and qualify for 10 year forgiveness (not considered taxable income).  Oh, how I wish!

Monday was my first day at the animal care center.  I will be volunteering Mondays and Thursdays feeding and cleaning out the cat cages, litter boxes, sweeping and mopping the floor.  Then I get to play with the kitties when I’m done.

It was nice to get out and do some good, hard, work.  I miss having a job.

When I come back from my vacation at the end of the month, I need to work hard to establish some kind of freelance gigs.  Whether it’s cleaning or pet sitting, I need  to generate income.  My mom doesn’t have a computer or internet and since the town she lives in just got 3G, I doubt I’ll have much internet access from my phone and my vacation days will be spent mostly outdoors and doing fun things with family.  It’ll be nice to get away from my computer and hopefully I can return home with a stronger resolve to tackle some goals and cut down on computer time.  Spending all day with a Facebook window open doesn’t make a very productive Kasey.


Since $18,500 isn’t an option for the debtperception.com domain, I’ve been thinking about some alternatives.

Because I want to stick with a .com domain, I could do something like mydebtperception.com or debperceptionblog.com.  However, after trying to come up with some other ideas (really all I thought of were DebtPerspective and DebtErr), I’m leaning more towards rehashing my old blog, Sisu Vitality.

What is Sisu?  To quote Wikipedia:

Sisu is a Finnish term loosely translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. However, the word is widely considered to lack a proper translation into any other language. Sisu has been described as being integral to understanding Finnish culture. However sisu is defined by a long-term element in it; it is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain an action against the odds.

My Finnish relatives often mention it was the sisu in me that allowed me to battle cancer and come out victorious.  And that’s a glorified victorious, sung out the way Muse does in “Uprising” chorus, my personal fight song.  Much like I battled cancer, I’m now tackling this debt.  I think Sisu Vitality may be the way to go. It is the essence of me and I don’t want to tie my blog to debt forever.

Your thoughts/input is valuable and much appreciated!


23 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. I like Sisu Vitality. My first thoughts were “mydebtperception” as an alternative as I don’t think anyone would want to pay $18k for a web address! But as you said, if you don’t want to fully focus on debt and more on life balance, SV is the way to go. Whatever makes YOU happy and makes sense to you.

    • Thanks Tanner! I probably won’t be making the domain purchase until August so I’ve got some time to think about it. Who does pay $18k for a web address?! I told the seller I blog about getting out of debt and there was no way I could afford it. They responded back that they were willing to negotiate…somehow I don’t believe they’d be willing to come down from $18k to $20! 🙂

  2. I agree with Tanner, if you’re wanting to focus on things other than debt then SV might be the way to go. Though, the other ones could be good options as well. That’s cool you’re going to work with Make-A-Wish, we’ve thought about doing that ourselves before.

    • Blogging is a good motivation tool for me. My old blog really helped me to eat healthier. I’ve since reverted to old habits since I stopped. I’m worried if I go with SV I won’t gain many followers blogging about everything under the sun.

      Even though I haven’t actually done any wish granting yet, I highly recommend volunteering for them if you have the time. My area has about 500 kids a year that could be getting wishes but due to the lack of volunteers, they’ve only been able to grant 150-200 wishes each year. I promise it will be VERY rewarding 🙂 Even if planning wishes seems like too much, you could volunteer working in the office or just at the occasional events they hold.

  3. That’s SO awesome about Make a Wish! I am sure you will do great and I can see you working there. I agree, that SV might be good if you want to talk about a myriad of things, but I also love your domain. doordebt.com is taken too 😦 I wish I thought about that before as well…..I didn’t know it was such a big deal!

    • Yeah, I really like Debt Perception but now I’m leaning more towards SV. I’ve got some time to think about it before I purchase a domain but I’m worried I might not generate as much traffic if I use SV to blog about a myriad of things. :/

  4. I don’t think a domain name is particularly important. I can barely type in that JL Collins web address and he’s got a huge personal finance following.

    Good on you for becoming a wish granter! That’s rad.

  5. I’m to shy and introverted to do that kind of job but hopefully you can overcome those and get there. As for the domain name I say you have to choose one that will make you happy. If it were me I would go with the one similar to the current name of this blog. However you are thinking of going in a new direction so the name wont matter just keep this up and leave a note saying to visit the new site.

    • I’m really shy and introverted too and with my TMJ issues I talk quietly and have a speech impediment but I can’t let that get in the way of helping kids with life threatening illnesses get their one wish! 🙂

      I think if I were to change it up completely I would still redirect debtperception.com to the new domain….we’ll see. I don’t plan on taking it into an entirely new direction but want to add more posts about other goals I have as blogging is a motivational tool for me.

  6. LOL I *love* the song Uprising, one of my all time favorites! And I’ve loved it even more ever since James Durbin sang it on American Idol! That is so great that you are working with Make A Wish – I’m sure you will love it & it will be so fulfilling!

  7. That’s great your going to be part of that program! I think there’s always a way (like using task rabbit) to pick up some extra income so hopefully not all your valuable time will be taken up with volunteering. You have skills and talents and you deserve to be compensated for them! I also think that domain names aren’t that big a deal if they stray from what your blog name says by adding a word or number or something. You get to keep your name in the title and that’s what is most important.

    • Unfortunately Task Rabbit isn’t in my area yet. I have to find some other way to get clients. It’s tough when you’re just getting into side income jobs and don’t really have the experience. Hopefully something will work out!

  8. I love the idea of Sisu Vitality! Blogging is a huge motivational tool for me as well, and I don’t want my blog to be just about being in debt all the time either. Eventually we’ll be out of debt and will have other goals to aspire to!

  9. I’ve heard too that domain names don’t matter much, but from others I’ve heard that they do. I think the end game, Kasey, is that if you continue to have great content and do great networking, people will find you. You can do it!

  10. Hey Kasey! The Make a Wish volunteering should be really amazing, I would love to get updates about it once you’re more experienced with it! As far as the domain name, I only have the .ca (the .com was taken already). I’m not terribly fussed about it, people will find me if they want too. I have to say that I like the sisuvitality but I’m kind of attached to your debtperception too – it’s clever. Whatever you decide will be great, I’m sure!

    • Thanks Lindsey! I’m really attached to debtperception as well. I keep going back and forth between sticking with this or going with SV. Whatever I choose, I definitely plan on giving some Make A Wish updates. I really can’t wait to get started with that!

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