Grading June’s Budget


Today was pay day, thus begins our July budget.

So how did we do in our second month of budgeting?

The first half of June was kind of rough as I had no motivation to keep track of our expenses or really budget at all.  But I got it together for the second half and the good news is that we actually spent less than what would have been budgeted in most categories!  In fact, we were only over budget in 3 categories!

Based on my grading scale (yes, I have a point system for the categories below), I give ourselves a 122%, that’s an apathetic A++!

Fixed Expenses – Rent, pet rent, washer/dryer rental, internet were as expected.  Netflix is usually a fixed expense but we were credited $5.60 due to some state of Virginia tax laws and now our monthly payment is back down to $7.99 (we had been paying $8.39).

Electric Bill – For the first 6 weeks we’ve been here our bill is a total of $158!  This bill includes $52 carried over from the old apartment and a $15 service initiation.  So our electric bill for 6 weeks is $91!?!  It looks to be about that much for July as well…even with the A/C constantly running!  I love that it’s so much lower than what were paying at our old apartment!

Cell Phones – This month was a pro-rated month so the bill was about $30 more than what the regular amount will be.

Renter’s Insurance – I did not receive a renter’s insurance bill, so that’s $33 under budget.  I should really call them to find out if they’re somehow not sending me the bill.  Unless renter’s insurance is so cheap that I only have to pay $33 four times a year?

Gas – We’re averaging 31.8 mpg with the new car so I decreased the budget to $100 a month.  We’re at $137 for the month of June.  I’ve had a TON of doctors appointments and labs so it’s getting driven a lot more…about 300 miles every 7-10 days!  My appointments should be calming down and I’m only going to try scheduling new ones on Mondays and Thursdays after volunteering at the Norfolk Animal Care Center.  I’ll also be gone for two weeks next month so I’ll keep the gas budget to $100 for July.

Car Stuff –  Car insurance is now $86 for comprehensive coverage.  A $52 increase.  I’ll be getting a $27 refund for jumping the gun on renewing registration for my old car just before it died.

Prescriptions – Spent $16 and budgeted $20.

Medical Bills/Co-Payments – I budgeted $90 for co-payments but paid $141!

Groceries – For the first half of the month I was pretty much eating whatever was in the cupboards; rice, pasta…wonderful for my gluten intolerance!  It sucked but I didn’t feel like going shopping and wasting food. The result of this, aside from digestive issues, was being well under budget.  Budgeted $400, spent $223!

Dining Out – I budgeted $25 but we went out to eat for my birthday and ended up spending $60 (includes a large tip).

Energy Drinks – Hubby stayed within the budget!  For the first week I didn’t budget at all and we combined grocery purchases with drink purchases.  I gave him $75 cash to spend the rest of the month and it lasted until the very end of the month.  On budget with this one, for the most part.

Slush Funds, Electronics and Games – I spent $25 of my $50 slush fund, Eric didn’t spend any of his, nor did we spend any of the electronics budget.  Only spent $75 on games.  I transferred to savings the unused slush fund and electronics budget…$225!

Pet Expenses – Budgeted $65, spent $40.  Throwing the unspent amount into savings.

Splurges & Miscellaneous Expenses – $100 was budgeted for clothing as hubby needed new uniform items.  Ended up spending $260!  I budgeted $80 for home/misc. purchases and we spent $72.  I also put $350 towards our credit card and hubby made the last payment on his debt and next month we move on to the car payment…fun fun!

So despite not fully being active on budgeting the entire month of June, we did pretty well!

July should be a good month for saving/staying under budget.  I’ll be gone for two weeks and I imagine less will be spent on gas and groceries during that time.  I’m excited about visiting my family!  And I saved majorly (as in I don’t have to pay a penny) for this trip thanks to help from family members!  Can’t wait!


16 thoughts on “Grading June’s Budget

  1. Sounds pretty good. Over in some, under in others. Isn’t it great when finances somehow fall into auto-pilot, where you don’t need to micromanage it? Even when chaos falls, my budget seems to be protected by my own behavior (ie, I dont go and spend it all just because I’m not tracking).

  2. It is possible your renters insurance is for the quarter. Mine is only $8 plus some change a month. Great job so far!

    • Thanks! This is the first year we’ve had renter’s insurance…hubby was adamant about getting it after a friend of his had all of his electronics stolen, thousands of dollars worth! It was also required for the new apartment. It seems pretty inexpensive and a good thing to have, just in case!

  3. Awesome Job! Budgeting is not the easiest task. Every month seems to be a continuous moving target despite having planned out the greatest budget ever! I have been slacking on our budget these couple months and it hit our family finances a lot. After reading your post, I feel motivated to tweak our family budget and squeeze some money out of it and put towards our debt. Thanks for sharing!!

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