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So I was browsing Facebook from my phone recently and actually saw a FB recommendation that piqued my interest (shocking, right?).  I usually just scroll past those things.  I don’t even get recommendations or ads on my computer because I use Adblock Plus, which I highly recommend!

Anyhow, this recommendation was for Backyard Produce where fresh produce and other organic products from local farmer’s markets are delivered right to your door (well, my door and maybe yours if you’re in NC or VA).  There’s a $15 annual fee and then you can either pay for a weekly variety box or they offer boxes based on your family size.  They use a reward system for custom purchases, I didn’t read too much in to it.

I’ve always wanted to try something like this.  I’ve tried signing up for a CSA in the past but I was always too late.  Now I’m just wondering if it’s worth it.  Backyard Produce only delivers during the summer months.  So the annual fee is more like paying $5 for each of the 3 months of delivery.  The two-family package is $35 a week and gets you about 7-10 items.

While it would be nice to try it out and get a variety of produce, maybe even some I’ve never tried before, I’m worried that it would go to waste.  I want to eat healthier but as I’ve tried in the past two months, lots of fruits and veggies have gone bad.  But 7-10 items a week isn’t a lot.  Is it worth $35 and then some?  Our grocery budget is $400 a month.  Last month we were right on that mark.  This month I’ve been cooking a lot more, granted, it’s mostly been pasta and rice, which is bad for my gluten sensitivity, but we’ve only spent about $250 and that includes grocery shopping for this last week of June (and for the first time this whole month I purchased fruits and veggies).  So one month of Backyard Produce would cost about $140, leaving $260 for the rest of the month or $65 a week.  It seems doable but maybe now is just not the time?

I think for now I’ll stick to purchasing produce from the grocery store until I find more motivation to stick to a new healthy eating/cooking habit.  Then I’ll check out my local farmer’s markets.  If I’m still in Virginia next summer, I’ll keep Backyard Produce in mind.

Do you use any food home delivery services in your area?  How much does it cost you?


11 thoughts on “Fresh Food Delivery

  1. I started using Backyard Produce a couple months ago – don’t know why it would be different in your area, but it is not a summer-only service. I like it. It is a bit pricey, but I love getting a box delivered to my door with really fresh, straight from the farmer stuff! I like that I can customize my order if I don’t think we’ll use what’s in the variety box. By doing that, we never have any waste. (I never liked CSAs because you have to take what they give you.) Here we have options from local organic bakeries, too, so if we want bagels or pita bread in our box, we can do that. A couple of times I haven’t been pleased with the quality of an item, but I just sent an email and my account was credited immediately. All in all, it’s been a good experience for us!

  2. Sadly, we had an awful experience with this a few years ago, in Delaware.

    We were persuaded to sign up by a friend and for 9 months ( and it wasn’t cheap) we were sent old, gnarly, overgrown vegetables; carrots that had died of old age, huge zuccini, yellowed cabbage family members and much too mature green beans. Also the truck was loaded early a.m. and we were at the end of the route–got them ca 4:00p.m.–even more wilted than when they had started.

    This particular outfit wanted members to come out and pick themselves, but we were both working full-time, very long hours, and the whole point of it for us was the delivery, as well as the organic growing.

  3. I’ve never signed up for a CSA because I like to pick what I get and I don’t want to end up with produce that we won’t eat. I prefer to just stop at the farmer’s market a few times a month.

  4. We’ve never used a CSA, but are looking into the idea for the future. We mostly shop at the farmers market and Aldi for our food. When I was younger I didn’t really eat many fruits or vegetables unless it was the summer. I highly recommend trying to pick up one new fruit or veggie each month as an adventurous treat. You might find something you love and want to get regularly!

    • I never really ate a lot of fruits or veggies as a kid either…that’s why it’s so hard to get in the habit of doing it as an adult! I like the idea of picking up something new every month…I’ll have to try that!

  5. I know some people who use CSA and really like it, but I tend to stick to a few fruits and veggies I really like, so I just pick them up at the grocery store or farmer’s market. I don’t want to let them go to waste either.

    • Yeah, I think I’ll stick with getting fruits and veggies from the grocery store and I’ll try out a farmer’s market (if I can find one around here), but I’ll leave the CSA until we’ve relocated to somewhere more permanent.

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