Health Update

The results are in, my cortisol levels are still elevated.  No results on the MRI yet though.

My endocrinologist has ordered two 24 hour urine samples.  I basically have to collect my urine for two days and store it in the fridge.  How fun!  This also means no physical activity, no exercise, no much-missed zumba!  This piss test is basically a screening for Cushing’s Syndrome.

I originally thought that the MRI was just for my Endocrinologist’s own personal use to see how messed up my pituitary gland is but after reading online the causes of Cushing’s Syndrome, I’m thinking it was more to see if there are any tumors.

Well, now I’m a little worried.

I’m trying to stay positive and remind myself that my pituitary gland is kind of FUBAR from radiation and hoping that there’s some other possible weird explanation for my elevated cortisol levels other than tumors. I don’t even have the basic signs or symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome.  I’m anxious for some answers.  Le sigh.


12 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. I hope you are okay! I found out that mine is actually a bit low. It was probably high before and now is crashing. I’m told to get better sleep, which is easier said than done. At some point I developed hypothyroidism so watch for it. My TSH was never really above normal range but I definitely only feel like a real person when it borders on too low (hyper). Bodies are crazy!!!!!

    • Yes, bodies are crazy. I was always told I had hypopituitarism because I was always on the null or low ends of all the hormones that the pituitary creates and now just my cortisol levels are spiking. Hopefully I can get some answers soon and it won’t be anything too serious!

  2. Hopefully things work out for the best. Sucks having to put your urine in the frig. Did they at least give you the proper containers? Stay positive and keep your head up!

    • Thanks, I’m trying to stay positive 🙂 I thought the same thing about keeping urine in the fridge but luckily they did give me two orange gallon containers and some kind of bowl that goes under the toilet seat with a funnel at the end for easy pouring into the containers.

  3. It appears you have really overcome a lot in your short life -and I am hoping for the best as you go forward. Really like your progress bar on the site – and the little worm! 🙂

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