Regaining Focus

I’d like to give a special thanks to my friends and readers for sharing their thoughts and encouragement with me during my lowly times.  Thank you!  While I’m still not fully recovered, I’m doing my best to focus on the positives in life and am gaining motivation once again.

So despite feeling exhausted, weak, shaky, with a side of horrible TMJ pains today, I’m being productive!   Hubby is gone on another 5 day underway and I’m going to use this time to get my ass back on track!

I finally went to the DMV to turn in the old car plates and try to get a refund for my hasty registration renewal for the POS.  I was expecting a big, long wait, because that is what one does at the DMV.  Yeah, I opened the Facebook app on my phone and before it loaded, my ticket number was called.  Sweet!  I got a refund too!  Oh happy day!

Who knew I would spend more time waiting in line at the library than I would at the DMV!  Yes, I finally went to the library and got a card.  Since I waited 35 minutes in line and was dying of hunger, I decided to go home instead of checking anything out.  I’m hoping the main branch will be more like what I’m used to back in the Chicago ‘burbs.  I do miss those glorious libraries!

So this time next month I’ll be en route to Upper Michigan to visit my family for 2 weeks!  Though I won’t get to see my nieces, it’ll be nice to see the rest of my family and get away for a bit.

My mom throws my cousin a birthday party up there every summer.  I was only able to go last year so I’ve really got to work hard to get my name on this balloon toss trophy (rock) I painted for them last year!


I was taking lots of time trying to find the cheapest way out there, but I eventually came to the conclusion that time saved is sometimes worth spending more money on.

Megabus offers uber cheap buses across the country.  Going one way would have costed about $50 for 6 different buses (To DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis), or 40+ hours of travel time! Plus the cost of either a puddle jumper ($57-84) or a rental car ($1000’s!), plus at least two hotel stays in Cleveland, plus food!   Time is valuable, folks!  I would have spent a total of 4 days traveling via bus for about half the cost of round trip plane tickets!  I opted for the plane tickets!  I don’t want to waste 4 days of my vacation riding an uncomfortable bus with a bunch of strangers!  No thanks!


4 thoughts on “Regaining Focus

  1. Three cheers to your strength of mind. I was really worrying about you, you sweet woman.
    I think that every reader is in your corner and you will come out the other end, even after what may be a long time, a much stronger and even more thoughtful person.

    Your husband is a lucky man.

    Hugs and best wishes, Erika .

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