Meet My Furbabies

I figured it’s about time to introduce my kitties to my blog readers!  They are my furbabies, a cross between my best friends and my children.  They’re my companion kitties, a part of my family, and I won’t ever give them up.  Growing up, cats were always expendable to my parents.  Not to me.  My cats have a forever home.


Shadow is 9 years old.  Her mother is Siamese and her father was a black tom cat.  I got her from a friend. Shadow was the runt and the only surviving kitty of her litter.  We were destined for each other.  She was named Shadow for several reasons.  The obvious, being that she is black.  She also used to follow me everywhere and chase her own shadow.  The name was only fitting.

She was a very playful kitty.  She also sometimes lets her tongue stick out.

She used to dash outside whenever the front door was open.  One time I was walking around the neighborhood trying to find her and spotted her sitting underneath someone’s patio furniture.  Her boyfriend was with her.  I called her and she began walking towards me but stopped half way to give her boyfriend a look, as if to say goodbye.  That tom cat would be the father of many little kitties.  At 9 months old she produced her first litter, 7 kittens!  Several months later she had a second litter, 6 kittens!  Luckily, with the help of some friends, we were able to find them all good homes!  Once I moved to Illinois I was able to get her fixed and in order to live anywhere in Illinois, unfortunately, had to get her declawed as well.

I’m pretty sure Shadow drove most of my roommates crazy.  She played rough, a biter and a scratcher.

She likes to be up high.

She loves me unconditionally.

One of her favorite pastimes is knocking things off of desks.  She is obsessed with the smell of teriyaki anything.  She won’t drink water out of a bowl or a dish, she will only knock it over.  It has to be running water, either from the tub faucet or from her drinking fountain.  She’s not a very friendly kitty and until recently, usually only cuddles when she wants something.  She’s a pro at opening doors and cabinets.

Overall, she’s been a pretty healthy kitty.  She’s always been pretty small.  She once ate string and it was dangling out her behind.  That’s probably the only time she didn’t go to a vet for a normal procedure/check up.


My husband and I talked about getting another cat to keep Shadow company while we were both gone.  I always hated leaving her alone.  I thought she would be lonely.  My husband wanted to get two kitties, just in case Shadow did not like them (she has a history of not liking other animals).  We figured since she had a bunch of kittens in the past she would be more comfortable with them.  On an impulse last year in June, I adopted Thor and Loki.  The NACC was having a kittypalooza, two cats for $40 at Petsmart or Petco.

For the first few weeks the only way we could tell them apart was by their collars.  They were often found sleeping in laundry baskets and are both snorers, it’s so adorable!

They have gotten so big since we first got them, they’re now a year old and bigger than Shadow!  They’re scared of strangers and usually hide whenever someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell.  I don’t know what caused this habit, but they’ve been doing it since the day we brought them home.  I once got a pet sitter for a weekend getaway and she never once saw these two!


When we first got Thor, he was very vocal.  His meows sounded like a squeaky door.  He is the most vocal out of all the cats.  He meows a lot when I take a shower and I’m not sure why.  He’s very picky about how you pet him and doesn’t like being pet on the top of his head.  He’s my cuddle buddy, always jumps in bed with me when I go to sleep.  He dominates the toys, especially the stick with feather/string on the end of it.  He bites it and doesn’t let it go.  He’ll drag it all around.  Since moving into the new carpeted apartment, I’ve had issues with him scratching and biting the carpet.  We can’t leave a bag of catfood where he can get to it or he’ll chew a hole in the bag.  He eats like he’s never seen food before.  And I always had problems with him tipping over/eating Shadow’s food dish.


Loki is a very friendly kitty.  He doesn’t sleep on the bed very much and is usually off on his own in the night. He is always the one that tries to wake me up in the morning.  He enjoys ample pets and sleeping in the sink. He does this adorable head movement from side to side whenever I approach him to give him pets.  He’s not very vocal and doesn’t meow much.  His nickname is Sticky Fingers.  He gets his claws stuck in everything. He also likes to steal sponges, socks and rolls of toilet paper.

They look so much alike.  The way I tell them apart is by the shape of their head.  Loki has a more rounded head, where Thor has a more narrow head.  These guys are just so freaking cute!

Shadow doesn’t get along very well with either of them.  She doesn’t hiss and growl as much as she used to and hopefully one day she’ll be cuddling with them!  I think she is partial to Loki and tolerates playing with him more than Thor.

RIP and in memory of all the cats I had growing up…Cookie (and her offspring Mittens, Hummer and Runt), Chemo, Clash, Spaz, Crash (Stupid), and Cutie.

8 thoughts on “Meet My Furbabies

  1. Hello again and I hope you are having a very good day–cat friends and all.

    I have always considered my husband a very brave man–when we married in 1976 I was widowed with 2 teenagers, 2 dogs (a Staffordshire terrier and an old English mastiff) 3 cats and two parakeets. He came from parents who didn’t like pets.

    Now we have 3 cats: Cassie who is white and was very feral. We fed her outside for a long time. One day my husband said “Does she look fat to you?” Uh oh, the next day she had a bloody butt and the hunt was on. We found her holed up with 4 babies in a fallen over trashcan full of leaves under our next door neighbor’s boat.

    After 10 days we kidnapped the kittens and put them in a big dog cage on our back wire-screened porch She was easy to catch with a humane trap lent by Animal Rescue and some stinky cat food! Pleased to see her babies again but not pleased to see us… We had 1 cat at this point, Polly, a young tabby, who had come from Animal Rescue. (We had just lost 2 from extreme old age–0ne was 20 and the other went on to 22. We found homes for 3 of the kittens and we kept Pancho. He’s a very big cat indeed, a black and white tuxedo type. Now, nearly 4 years on, we are one big family and very snuggly but not one will sit on laps–how odd. We’ve never had this with the cats in our life before–or the dogs for that matter. They are all strictly indoor cats and altered.

    The same with us, Cassie will never approach visitors and goes to sit behind books in any bookshelf that is nearest.

    How nice of you to tell us about yours–it brings you closer s a person.

    • Happy Mother’s Day Erika! The longest I’ve had a cat is 9 years (Shadow-the first one I’ve been 100% responsible for). I hope my kitties live to be 20 and beyond! Non-lap kitties…unheard of! Thor and Loki will seriously bolt for a closet or hide underneath a cabinet as soon as the doorbell rings or someone knocks. Yet, they’re always close to the door to greet me when I get home! Silly kitties! Hope you have a great day!

  2. How precious! I love the photos. I’m in the middle of acclimating my two brats to the joys of living with other cats. I’ve had Hesperus and Phosphorous for 8 years now, and for the first time they’re living (with us) with my MIL’s pets while we build a house. It was initially a bit nerve wracking, since the kitties-in-law are the kind to be shy and my girls think everyone with opposable thumbs wants to have a cat in their lap, but we’re working along.

    I hope your weekend went well, and that budgeting isn’t too stressful.


    • Phosphorous! What an awesome name! Thanks for commenting! Budgeting is not too stressful, going rather smoothly this month so far. I’m looking forward to seeing your new blog evolve.

  3. Aw, I can’t wait to get kitties. We have been talking about it for a long time, but haven’t been ready yet, for various reasons.. maybe this year…

  4. Aww, your babies are the sweetest. We used to have a cat that looked like Loki/Thor, her name was Roxy (my sister named her). I love seeing everyone’s furry friends. Our pup and meowsers are like our fur children (I know people think it’s weird when I say that, but it’s true). They bring so much lover and affection

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