Budgeting Update

So we’re a week and a half into budgeting and here’s how we’re doing.

We’ve spent 40% of the grocery budget, leaving us with $239 left for the rest of the month.
I completely failed in regards to meal planning for the first week.  The chicken tenders, bacon, broccoli, kale, apples and kiwi have gone untouched.  The oranges had to be thrown out due to mold.  The potatoes started sprouting after 3 or 4 days.  I need to learn how to properly store food!  My juicer is still packed away and needs to be cleaned out.  I need to stop being so lazy when it comes to cooking.  I had a slice of cheese and some chocolate for breakfast this morning because I was too lazy to cook.  Ridiculous!

I’ve spent $8 dining out (32%) on the days I hung around base to avoid the extra gas having to drive home and then back again.  I need to start planning to bring food with me on those days.  Though if we had a car with better gas mileage, I’d probably just go home vs. sitting in the car for 3 hours.

We’ve spent $76 on gas so far, almost 51% of the budget.

I forgot I hadn’t updated my address with my car insurance and after doing so, the premium dropped.  The monthly payment is now $26, about $7 less than what we have been paying.

I got a personal property bill in the mail for my car, $26.  The bill is for the entirety of 2013 and is due by June 5th.  If I’m junking my car by the end of June should I call to see if they’ll reduce the amount I owe?

Hubby has spent 55% of his energy drink budget, leaving $45 for the rest of the month.  I’m not sure if he can make that last.  I have to praise his efforts though.  The NEX mini mart he usually buys his drinks from was closing and opening a new, larger one down the street.  So for a few days they weren’t restocking and were out of the kind he likes to get.  We made an unexpected run to the grocery store just to get some energy drinks and he wound up buying some chicken and potato salad from the deli area.  When we went to check out he told the cashier that he wanted to pay cash for the energy drinks in a separate transaction.  I couldn’t stop smiling.

Hubby’s spent the entirety of his slush fund, has $40 left for games fund and $35 left for electronics.

I spent $23 of my $50 slush fund getting my hair trimmed.  Just a trim. No shampoo, no blow drying or styling.  That’s a ridiculous amount to pay for a trim considering how much hair I (don’t) have.  If I pulled my hair into a pony tail, I could probably wrap one of these baby hair bands around all my hair twice at least.  If I can’t get my hair cut for under $10 from now on, I’m doing it myself!  I’ve done it before but need help with the back.  Maybe I can get hubby to help with that?

I’ve spent 43% of pet food budget.  30% of the cat litter budget.
The amount I allotted seems quite doable for the month.  I still want to go around to all the grocery stores and pet stores to compare prices for the food and litter I usually buy.  I like getting the best deal out there! I’m even considering ordering it online if I can save.  We’re also toying with the idea of toilet training the kitties since we have an extra toilet.

Spent 53% of the prescription budget filling two new prescriptions.  I had a consultation with an oral surgeon to see if there’s anything that can be done about my lack of jaw mobility.  Very disappointing to hear that he personally can’t do anything to help because my case is so unique.  He is going to refer me to a medical university so a team of different doctors can hopefully help.  I’ve lived with TMJ for about 18 years. After that long you learn to live with any pain or soreness associated with TMJ, it’s becomes normal.  He prescribed me an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer just to try.


Our new vacuum cleaner wasn’t in the budget but we splurged and got it anyway.  My old upright hadn’t been cleaned out for about 3 years and was full of stinky dog and cat hair from the time I lived with roommates in Illinois before moving to Virginia.  Even after cleaning it out, it stunk horribly of burning fur when we tested it to see if it still worked.


IMAG0411This was my eye last night.  One thing I hate about not having sensation in this eye is that I don’t know what is wrong with it.  It’s either just extremely irritated, pink eye, or I have a corneal abrasion.  I woke up this morning and my eye was crusted over, very red and swollen.  I have some prescription strength eye drops left over from the last time I had pink eye that I’m going to use over the weekend.  If it doesn’t clear up, I will likely go in to see my ophthalmologist for the third time this year.  I’m really hoping it’s not a corneal abrasion.  The last time I had one it took over 3 months for my eye to fully clear up.  Definitely don’t want to go through that again!

3 thoughts on “Budgeting Update

  1. Not sure if you felt you had to throw the potatoes out, but just wanted to say they are still okay to eat even if they’ve started sprouting! At least, I do it all the time, lol. Just break off the sprouted parts and scrub the potatoes as usual. I have been told they need to be stored in a cool dark place, so I usually keep them in a brown bag in the pantry. They can last for a long time. Even when I forget about them and they’re kinda old, most of the time I can just cut out any bad spots, roast ’em up and they’re still great.

    And just wondering, when you sit in the car at base do you have the car off with windows down, or leave it running? Because leaving the car running will use up gas too.

    Glad your car insurance premium dropped, and hubby’s using his cash envelope 🙂 That would be awesome if you could toilet train your cats!

    I would think you can definitely find a cheaper trim somewhere. Or like you said, do it yourself. We started cutting our own hair this year. My guy bought some good clippers and does his own hair every month, and I help with his neck and sometimes around the ears. I got this CreaClip set (http://creaproducts.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=20&product_id=42) and he uses it to help cut my hair. (Also got the instructional DVD: http://creaproducts.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=20&product_id=52) We’ve only done it once so far but will be trying it again soon. They show that you can use it to cut your own hair by yourself, but I haven’t tried that yet. So if you trust hubby to help, I’d say it’s definitely worth trying to DIY. I figure the initial investment is worth all the haircut money we save over the long run. Plus you learn exactly how you like your hair to be done (at least that’s what I’m hoping for)! I will try to make a post about it in the next couple weeks.

    • Thanks for the info about the potatoes. I just assumed sprouting meant they were bad! My issue with storing them is that I don’t have a pantry. My cupboards are all either next to the oven or the dishwasher so they get warm and don’t stay cool. I’m going to try storing them in a cooler, otherwise I’ll have to store them in the fridge…but I heard that turns starches to sugar.
      I sit in the car with the windows down, car off…unless I have to use/charge my phone, then the car has to be on or I’d worry I’d drain the battery again like I did a couple weeks ago. But I usually just take a nap with the windows down/car off.
      Thanks for the link about the CreaClip. Sounds like an interesting product I might have to get!

      • Sometimes I just leave potatoes in a brown bag on the kitchen floor next to the cupboards, not necessarily in the pantry, and just roll the top of the bag down to close it off. I don’t think it has to be a very cool place, as in chilled like the fridge, I just keep them away from direct sunshine or like you said, heat from appliances. Room temp is fine! I’ve never heard of storing them in the fridge so you’re right, that might not be good for them.

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