Budgeting Day 2

I went grocery shopping for my no-grains diet this week.  I was worried that I would blow the budget out of the water because healthy food is more expensive.  It wasn’t as bad as expected.

I spent $121.10 at the grocery store today and $5 yesterday (on chocolate), leaving $274 for the rest of the month.  The bulk of today’s purchase was a ton of fruits and vegetables, $10 was power bars for my husband (he likes to take a snack to work and he’s trying to keep weight off for his physical readiness test that is coming up soon), some dairy products and other condiments and baking products I needed to restock. As long as I don’t juice too much, everything should last at least a week, maybe more, if my husband doesn’t eat it all.

Hubby received his tax return and we got the deposit from the old apartment back.  The landslumlord paid in cash.  Real classy!  So glad to be done with that place!

Hubby spent his slush fund and more than half of his electronic fund for a ($165) toy.  I have a feeling he thinks that since we have a lot of extra income this month (his tax refund and our old apartment deposit) that it doesn’t count.  I’ve been waiting several days to discuss the budget with him because we were going to throw that extra money at the credit card but we need to discuss how much (before he spends it all!).  Every day he comes home from work and goes to sleep right away.  He had duty yesterday, so he passed out when he got home today.  If he’s not asleep, then it’s his computer games and I can’t really get him to be serious when he won’t pay attention.  Le sigh.

Click Image For Printable Envelopes Template

He also laughed when I gave him the cash envelopes I printed out from Pinterest.  I told him it was to keep the cash for each category separate. If he doesn’t keep it separate then he won’t know what money is for what and he’ll wind up spending all the grocery money on energy drinks or dining out.  I guess if he’s not willing to carry around an envelope he only gets to carry the $100 for his energy drinks then!

*update:  You can get the template for the cash envelopes by clicking the image on the right.  However, you have to sign up for issuu.com to get it.  I can always email a pdf version of it to whomever is interested, just let me know!

We discovered that his energy drinks are cheaper on base.  He can get a 4 pack for $6.99, tax-free, or $1.75 a can.  The local grocery stores usually don’t have the cases and one can costs about $2.49 regularly. Sometimes they’re on sale for $2.19 or $1.99.  So we grabbed three 4 packs for $21 at the NEX mini mart, leaving him with $79 for the rest of the month.  I hope he can make them last and won’t drink more just because they’re here!

I need to get used to using cash for purchases.  I accidentally paid for the groceries today using my debit card instead of the cash I had in my purse.  Oops!  I’m sure everything about the budget will get easier the longer we stick to it!

Special thanks to Lindsey @ Cents & Sensibility for helping me get the RSS feed set up for my blog!


17 thoughts on “Budgeting Day 2

    • I try to get him to drink water because it’s free, but he always complains about it. I’ve never really seen him drink a cup of coffee unless it was Turkish coffee. I see him occasionally purchase the java flavored energy drinks. I guess it would be worth a shot to see if he’d switch, especially since he goes on deployment for at least 8 months next year and won’t be able to have his energy drinks all the time. Thanks for the idea!

  1. Good work on the budgeting! I would second Holly’s recommendation, or even you could try iced tea. I like to drink iced tea because it’s usually cheaper and I still the caffeine I want without all the calories.

  2. Don’t think of the blog design as drowning in debt–you are paddling away, Duckling, as fast as you are able ! Think instead of your association with the sea and the navy = very good things, both of them.
    All my best to you as always.

  3. Hi Kasey!
    Sorry it took so long for me to visit, you’re doing great! I like the envelope idea as well! Did you print those off from Pinterest? Could I get the link from you? That could be a useful budget tool to use for awhile until we get used to the idea of limits. My husband looks at me like I’m crazy whenever I talk about setting up a budget for spending money. He says it feels to restrictive. Apparently reality is restrictive. 😉
    No problem with the RSS feed. Let me know if you are ever interested in setting up Twitter or Facebook – I can help you find widgets and such for that. It’s great for creating relationships with other bloggers.
    Cheers buddy

  4. Just be careful when accessing your envelopes of cash in public. Don’t want someone seeing your stash, then targeting you for a purse grab or anything worse!

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