Premium Messaging Service Charges

Who really reads those things?

Be careful about what you unknowingly subscribe to on your phone or over the computer.  My friend recently mentioned her husband being billed $10 for receiving text messages he didn’t sign up for.  I had received similar text messages that I ignored but it made me look at our cell phone bill.  I, too, was being charged an extra $9.99 for some premium messaging service.  I called Verizon to ask about it and they said you can unknowingly sign up for these services in apps for your phone or on your computer when you agree to the terms of service.  I got billed last month for it but Verizon was able to credit me $9.99 this billing cycle and also put a block on all premium messaging services for my phone.

Be sure to regularly check your cell phone bill for unnecessary charges.  Who knows how long they could have gotten away with charging me $10 a month if my friend hadn’t noticed it on their bill!



11 thoughts on “Premium Messaging Service Charges

  1. We have a package deal with Verizon–telephone, computer, TV, and every two months or so they try to slip some extra charge by us. We’ve learned to check each bill carefully. It really annoys us and if Comcast ever comes up with A better deal we will switch like greased lightning.

  2. What does “premium messaging service” even mean? I generally intend to review every bill we get, though it certainly doesn’t always happen. Thanks for the heads up.

    • I didn’t know either, Mia. I think premium messaging services are texts you receive when you sign up/pay for weekly horoscopes, jokes, news updates, etc. Apparently I agreed to the terms of use for some app either on my phone or online that would allow some scam place to send me text messages that I would be charged for.

  3. I always check my bills anyway. That’s really a low blow SCAM that shouldn’t be legal. Those terms of service should be things like: Not to use the phone for illegal purposes, etc… but to sign up for services, that should be clear on the plan itself.

    • It definitely shouldn’t be legal. I honestly don’t know which app I agreed to with these unknown terms and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some illegal scam sending random numbers text messages and charging people when they don’t send a text back to stop these “services.”

    • Premium messaging are things like daily jokes, weather updates, sports or news updates, horoscopes, those sorts of things via text. I was getting text messages from FactMe. The first message I got said something about texting STOP to stop. Since I didn’t knowingly sign up for it, I ignored it…so they charged me!

  4. That’s nuts! I’ve never heard of premium messaging, though it does not surprise me that things like this slide through. I tend to keep a pretty close eye on our bills so these things don’t surprise us. Glad you were able to get it refunded.

  5. We have had that happen to us twice before where we had charges for premium messaging that we did not not we signed up for. I called up our cell phone provider and had them remove the charges and credit us for previous months. So frustrating…

    • Glad they credited you! It is frustrating. It’s too bad they don’t send text alerts when you sign up for things like that! I have to wonder how many people don’t notice.

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