It’s Been A Week

I’m so happy with our new apartment!  I absolutely love it!  It’s clean, quiet, and feels very safe.  We haven’t even used the alarm system since we moved in!

The apartment complex has been removing all of the pine trees around the neighborhood the past few days. It’s an interesting process to watch them be cut down and I’m anxious to see what will fill the now piles of dirt in front of my apartment.


I’m still working on unpacking and organizing.  There were a few days that I spent the entire day on/around base so I’m a little behind.  But I feel good about spending entire days out and about because it saves gas and I get to spend some time away from the computer.  I sleep better when I’m not cooped up in the apartment all day.  I finally tried out zumba this week.  I am still very sore!  I can’t wait to go back next week!

I had an appointment near base on Tuesday and while waiting for my husband to finish his classes, I drained the car battery when I napped while charging my phone.  The car wouldn’t start, needed to be jump started.  I was parked in the middle of nowhere, no one to ask for a jump.  My husband was in a building a mile away and instead of asking someone to jump our car, he had me call AAA roadside assistance.  He then had to walk an additional mile to a specific gate to let the AAA guy in and then wait for a police escort.  I spent about an hour with my hood popped open in hopes of someone rescuing a damsel in distress.  Only one person came by to help just  as the police escort was en route.

The AAA guy just had a jump starter kit, didn’t need to connect my battery to a different car.  It was simple and quick and I think they’re about $75 at Walmart.  It’d be good to have in emergencies no matter which car we drive.  I think we’ll have to get one of those and let my car just die.  It probably won’t pass inspection at the end of June so it’s not worth changing the battery now.  My battery is 6 years old!  The AAA guy was surprised it lasted this long and recommended replacing it.  I Googled car batteries and they usually start going after 4 years.  I just need to remember to let the car run when charging the cell phone or listening to the radio!


Look what my father sent me!  That was one item off my wish list!  I’m so excited to start cooking with these bad boys!


I haven’t been keeping up with my daily spam comments so when I finally got around to checking it, yikes! Too many to try to weed through and find the occasional non-spam comment that winds up there.  Sorry if I missed your comment!  I did notice one comment in that list that was simply, “spam.”  They’re getting creative now!


I’m scared.  We’re going to try to budget once hubby gets paid again next week.  The thought of having a place for every penny kind of scares me.  What if we go over in one category?  It’ll probably come out of MY slush fund since I don’t spend much money.  I’m pretty sure we will go over in at least one category.  I, sadly, have little faith my husband will be able to stick to a budget.  He can’t even stick to his 2 GB data plan on his smart phone.  😦


If you have the luxury of having decent health insurance, I find it very important to have a good relationship with the doctors you see.  I like finding ones that I really connect with who are truly interested in my unique history.  They’re not always easy to find but I can tell off the bat those that do or do not have a vested interest.

Over the years I’ve gotten appointment fees waived as well as lots of free supplies.  When I saw my dentist for the last time in IL before I moved to VA they gave me a bag full of dental products.  There was something like 15-20 toothbrushes, 5-10 packs of floss, some floss picks, and 3 travel toothpastes!  My ear and eye doctors have been the most generous over the years.  Lots of free samples of ear drops, nasal sprays, eye drops and ointments, some prescription strength!

I had an emergency appointment yesterday with my eye doctor because I had eyelashes that, after just one month since having them removed at my last appointment, had started to grow into my eye again, causing irritation and redness.  My ophthalmologist reassures me at every appointment that I can call anytime and he’ll try to squeeze me in between appointments to get these pesky lashes out.  He also gave me two free samples of eye drops. w00t!  I love it!


2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Week

  1. Hey there, this is a late comment since I missed the post when it went up but your pots and pans set looks great! You guys mostly settled in now? (I say this while still having a couple of pesky unpacked moving boxes still lurking a year later!)

    • For the most part we are settled in. There’s still a few office/craft supply boxes that aren’t unpacked because I keep changing my mind about where to put all the storage units and furniture. I’m hoping to conquer that today.

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