Customer Service Experiences

I don’t know what it is about this past week, but customer service has been absolutely horrible to me.


My dentist recently referred me to an oral surgeon for TMJ.  After my dentist contacted this oral surgeon, I was given his office information to call and set up an appointment.  I call and they say they are not accepting new patients for TMJ.  I call my dentist back and it’s phone tag from there on out.  Eventually I ended up with an appointment at the oral surgeon’s Virginia Beach location on May 8th and they sent me paperwork to fill out and an appointment reminder card.  I was kind of surprised to get a call Monday morning reminding me about my appointment with that same oral surgeon at the Norfolk location the next day.  When I told the lady about my other appointment she said she could see the schedule for this doctor at both locations and I did not have an appointment on May 8th.  What?  So I cancelled the appointment that was scheduled for the next day and set up, once again, the May 8th appointment. Kind of ridiculous.


I called my internet service provider last week to transfer internet to the new apartment.  When the guy I spoke with asked when my move in day was, I told him the 15th.  I had to call back the next day to reschedule the turn-on service for today because we’re not getting a rental truck until later.  I chose to do the self-install so all they have to do is switch on the internet.  So Monday rolls around and I get a phone call from Cox saying they need access to my apartment because they can’t identify which line is mine.  I hadn’t even signed the lease yet and I honestly think it’s a just a bunch of bull to get me to pay a hefty service fee.  This is an apartment complex where people often move in and out and get internet turned on/off.  How can they not know what line it is?  I called Thursday to confirm that my internet would be turned on today and mentioned the call I received on Monday.  She assured me that I would not need to be home, that they would not need access to my apartment.  We’ll see how this goes!


Two weeks ago I called my renters insurance company to update my address.  They told me they would fax my proof of insurance to the apartment complex within one or two days.  A week goes by and it’s time to sign our lease but they still have not received the fax.  I had the leasing agent speak to my insurance company to confirm they would fax the information either within the hour or early the next business day.  Two days go by and the leasing office calls to say they still  have not received the fax!  I call my insurance company and eventually they get the fax out.  However, the proof of insurance form they faxed does not state what my personal liability coverage is and the apartment complex requires it to be $100,000.  So I give my insurance company another  call and they say they’ll fax the declarations page, which shows personal liability amount, to the apartment complex.  I went to the leasing office today to turn in my inspection form and inquire about the fax.  My insurance company faxed someone else’s declarations page!  She said she shredded it because it was in someone else’s name and the personal property coverage was $140,000 (ours is only $25,000).  I seriously can’t believe this!  They’re supposed to mail me my new declarations page so I’ll just take that to the leasing office for them to copy but this is just absolutely ridiculous!

Do you have any horrible customer service stories?

To end on a positive note, check out this example of great customer service and an overall great story about someone who has always inspired me.


12 thoughts on “Customer Service Experiences

  1. Oh yes. Being 72 years old I could list you a whole menu of not good customer service but I’ll just tell you of the present on-going hassle, which started back last September with my hip surgery. The hospital kept billing Medicare but I was on my Husband’s Blue Cross–he didn’t retire until January this year. The billing dept could not get its head around my age and not being on Medicare. We had to correct this with every bill that was rejected and sent to us. They finally got it straight until, BINGO! I was on medicare, with Blue Cross now my secondary insurance. Now, 4 months on, in April, bills are always sent to Blue Cross first Not to Medicare and the dance goes on…and on…

    Definitely due to use of computers. Over the telephone it is understood immediately but to get it corrected online–now there’s the problem.

    Anyway, I wish you good luck as always and take good care of yourself.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear of those experiences. I actually have a post going up Monday about a good customer service experience, which is unfortunately not the norm these days. We find the rare places that offer good service and stick with them.

    • Looking forward to reading your post! I actually went to Subway on Saturday and got a free cookie! When I got to the check out counter, I asked for a cookie but my husband had already paid. The cashier slipped the cookie into our bag anyway! Not exactly an outstanding customer service experience as I’m sure that’s something that could probably get her fired, but I’ll take a free cookie! 🙂

  3. Hi Kasey

    It’s shocking how much you have to advocate for yourself with businesses sometimes. You think you’d be able to buy something and then not have to babysit them every step of the way. Doing their jobs almost seems like the exception to the rule – instead of the actual rule (as you say).
    On a more positive note, I hope you’re enjoying your new home!

  4. Kasey
    Would you consider putting out an RSS feed? I want to put you on my blogroll but I need an RSS feed first. Don’t do it just for me – it would be great for people who want to subscribe to your site via RSS though. Good exposure.
    Cheers 🙂
    PS if you’re unsure how, just let me know and I can help you out.

  5. @Lindsey I tried to figure out the RSS feed a while ago but I had no idea what it even was back when I started this blog! I will give it another go tomorrow and I’ll let you know if I need any help, thanks! Definitely enjoying the new place, thanks!

  6. Ugh, getting all the utilities switched over/set up — and everything else that comes with the upheaval of moving — *always* seems to be more difficult than it *ever* really should be! I had a terribly frustrating experience with Comcast’s “customer service” the last time we moved, then had to contest several charges on the first bill. Although I gotta say, even though it was a huge hassle and they did not meet our expectations, I ended up kind of enjoying the several days we were internet-less. Since that never really happens, ever. It wasn’t a bad change of pace for a few days 🙂

    Another thing was that we had to get the trash service switched to our name before the property management company would give us the keys, which proved to be quite a project since the homeowners gave us incorrect trash company info. Even after I let them know that the company told me they don’t service this neighborhood, they were like, “…are you sure?” I finally found a website about our new neighborhood and called the neighborhood management office to get the right info. Kinda ridiculous that our landlords required something of us but couldn’t tell us how to attain said requirement. You just never know what to expect on these moving adventures 🙂

    So this last time we moved got me wondering if anyone would be interested in having some help arranging utilities for them while moving. I find that you have to keep thorough notes and it involves so many follow-up phone calls/emails. You gotta leave the gate open so the gas company can read the meter in order to switch the service over to your name. You have to be home between 8am-noon to wait for the cable guy. In the midst of everything else that goes on while trying to move, it’s such a hassle, especially since it rarely goes 100% smoothly. Anyway, it made me wonder if such a service already exists or if anyone would be interested in paying me if I offered it! lol.

    Sorry for the long response.. I am remembering tons more stuff from that move now, I guess I should just write my own post about it some time!

    Thanks for the links, that article was great and I love Damian’s plans for the Ability Center.

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